Friday, January 01, 2010

Running Away

Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude.

That’s because people have a messed up view on what freedom is. They ‘think’ that freedom just means that they can do what they want to do outside of rules (standards) and regulations (maintenance routines). That ain’t freedom because half the times they end up just doing what the majority of the society is doing. They ‘think’ they are free yet when you look at their record they end up doing what every one else is doing.

What they are really doing is called caprice. Caprice is an impulsive seemingly unmotivated (having no rational foundation) notion or action. It is unpredictable or sudden change or series of changes. To deal with freedom you have to be a freethinker. This means that one is using reason and rational enquiry. If you are ‘scared’ to have your ideas challenged, get emotional when the Truth is pointed out, or for some reason think you have to ‘go through’ something to understand it then you aren’t a freethinker.

You can’t run away from problems. You can’t ignore issues. That is mental debris that one has to, sooner or later, deal with. So let me be clear…..

Getting on the boat wasn’t freedom. Working through problems and issues was the Freedom. In the context of the 12 jewels Freedom is between Understanding and Justice. You have to comprehend what your issues are in order to free your mental dome. When this is done the PROOF is that you will receive a great reward. If you are receiving penalties guess ain’t dealing with Freedom.

Some want a ‘quick rub on the genii bottle’ solution to all of their woes. They neglect to even consider that a lot of their situations came about through years, months, and days of neglect. So instead of changing their bad habits they just keep getting into a pattern of looking after an elusive ‘quick fix.’

In order to clear up debt they look for fast money (fast money->fast life->the ugly side of life) instead of proper planning. In order to deal with their weight issue they get the latest diet book instead of getting off the fast food and eating the right foods.

A big part of Freedom is just letting go of things that weigh you down. I got to do a lot of that on the seas because frankly there wasn’t that much time to be worrying about things that were at a distance. I also got to learn a lot of things to help with providing physical freedom (i.e. stress free living) to my body.

What up Jenny La Jenny was an Inuit from Quebec. She was working on the cruise. At first I entered on the boat with an immense amount of stress locked into my body. Also, when learning how to utilize certain machines on the boat I was locking more stress into my body. Jenny showed me an ill acupressure technique that involved utilizing small pebbles to remove stress from key pressure points on the body. At the same time she reminded me of the pranayama techniques that I had ‘put to the side.’ The boat was the perfect spot to reorient myself with these techniques. The routine allowed me to basically ‘program’ them into my daily operations again. That’s freedom of the physical body.

JoeJoe, was another indigenous brother on the boat. By the way we started our tour in Maine. I was surprised by the amount of aboriginal peoples in Maine. By speaking with them during short landings and Building with those on board I found out that a lot of the Native nations just retreated into the wild where the colonizers were afraid to go. They survived until the present day. In fact I was surprised by the number of islands off the coast of Maine and along the routes that we traveled. It was literally like 1000 islands. JoeJoe is Algonquin. I built with him a lot. He taught me a lot about just general wilderness survival. He showed me which flowers were edible, how one could chew on bark to extract water if one couldn’t find a clean source and he taught me how if you boil poison ivy you could eat it (the toxin is in the oily residue). That’s how one can move free on land.

There were also people on the boat that were in mad denial. There was this one ‘dude’ who was massively “metro”. He was trying to be a lady’s man on the boat. It was quite humorous to watch him try to ‘do his thing.’ Anyway, we were docked one night in NYC on the Chelsea side. Everyone basically went out that night. When we all came back we just sat up in the dining room talking. He went on to state how he was followed by a gay guy from a corner store. He couldn’t understand why the guy picked him to follow and hit on. Then he followed that story by telling us that he bought a watch pair from Times Square. It was a man and woman pair. He then said…and I quote..”I don’t care I’ll wear either one.” Dude you ain’t metrosexual you’re just gay…get over it. Free yourself from that lie, dude. You are not a lady’s man.

Regarding the statue of liberty (Freedom)
The black press championed the French-American project; and African Americans contributed to the pedestal fund, participated in the public celebrations for it’s unveiling in New York City and conducted their own. Blacks were among the immigrants whose first sight of the United States was the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. In the early 20th century, African Americans died because of the perverse appropriation of the statue’s symbolism by white racists. They were targeted by and responded to the government’s Liberty bond campaign during World War I.

How many of y’all remember the movies or read 1001 nights and the story of Sinbad the Sailor? It’s about a man finding his way in that world through the freedom of sea voyage.

Our tour took us from north (Maine) to south (FL). Within the 3 months I traveled from Maine to S.C. We were on the Hudson River about a month. When we would finish our week tours during the Hudson River excursions we would dock in NYC and always come by the Statue of Liberty. Coming into NYC during these times was like ‘freedom’ for a lot of the other ship mates who came from ‘small towns.’ I’m like…hey y’all…that’s just caprice. Just like all of those people partying on the Hooters II ( a boat in dock in Martha’s Vineyard) when I came on board during one of our nights off I got to party on that boat. It was a whole host of spoiled rich brats (yeah I said it). They had no clue on how I could have fun and yet still rock a lot of control. It’s because I was free. Not a slave to anything.

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