Monday, January 04, 2010

On Perihelion she's the closest to me

New Gregorian Year.  Understand that Astronomically the Earth is closest to the Sun at Perihelion which this year was on January the 3rd.  So this is a type of New Year.  One thing that is certain the mentality of the people reflects a reset mode so it is important to realize that even though the Gods may live off the clock we should be aware of how the people live on the clock.  This will allow us to relate to the people in the way that they can be reached.  During January is a key time to approach the people who are looking for a 'new start'.

To ease everyone into the billion and one things that I have going down for this upcoming calendar year I want to just expose people this week the some of the music of those affiliated with my Nation.  If you think that the Gods and Earths stopped producing music with Rakim, King Sun and Poor Righteous Teachers then you are clearly out of the loop.

The first one that I want to start it off with is the young God Just aka Top Billion out of New Orleans.  I remember when he was getting Knowledge at the age of Knowledge Equality.  Here's a cut by him.  Check him out on reverbnation and youtube also.

So Many Places by alifeallah

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