Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dr Supreme Understanding: Teacher of Righteousness

I've walked a long path with my righteous brother Dr Supreme Understanding. It culminated with working at Supreme Design Publishing with him and writing/editing several books with him. That though is just a small intersection of wlaking with my brother. He is the epitome of the Five Percent and I can say that without reservation. If y'all are impressed by books that we have worked on together you should hear the conversations that take place between us. He is one who is self reflective while at the same time challenging you to be who you say you are.

At this juncture of his life he moved into a new endeavor in terms of meshing these teachings with the challenges of the modern era. Always the Original man, Supreme adapts the modern landscape and technology to his personal needs. Please take some time and check out his current moves over at his site at

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Assist Justice Amir Griffith in his battle with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Peace. I will just cut to the chase. The son of my righteous brother Life Allah is fighing for his life literally. Instead of me going all into it I will let Life speak for himself.

On July 31, 2015, my son, Justice Amir Griffith was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).  ALL is an acute form of leukemia, or cancer of the white blood cells, characterized by the overproduction and accumulation of cancerous, immature white blood cells, known as lymphoblasts. Individuals who are diagnosed with ALL, have lymphoblasts that are overproduced in the bone marrow and continuously multiply, causing damage and death by inhibiting the production of normal cells in the bone marrow.

My family was shocked and saddened that this was happening to Justice, and we were simply not prepared. 

Our family has put this fund together with the hope that you, your friends and your families will assist us in  our efforts to fight this battle for our son and share this link. 

We are  grateful and appreciate any assistance you can provide. No donation is too small.  

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.   My son  JUSTICE is only 10 years old and he deserves to LIVE! With your help we can continue our fight for JUSTICE! 

What I am asking is that if you are of Allah's Five Percent...God, Earth or Civilized Person or if you are just a person who has been touched by this struggle going on as we speak to donate some money and spread the word. I'm simply asking everyone to show and prove that they realize that it is about the babies by assisting our righteous brother Life Allah and his son Justice as they move through this moment of tribulation.

The official link to add on to their Go Fund Me campaign is here.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hardcore Righteousness! by Born Allah: God-Hop standards sets by Allah's Five Percent

Peace. Born Allah is making sure that the legacy of the Gods in Hip Hop stays intact. Hip Hop being several decades old has, since its inception, had the mark of the Five Percent on every element. The Peace Guards held DJ Kool Herc down during his session. King Kase 2, immortalized in Style Wars, let you know that he was with the Gods in said documentary.  There are many B-boys, B-girls, DJs, aerosol artists, sung and unsung, who were Gods or Earths or inspired by the Five Percenters. The strongest imprint left by the Five Percent though has been through the art of emceeing. The Golden Era is where many became aware of the Gods on the mic. The truth though is that the Gods were on the mic before the Golden era and more importantly until this very day the Gods are still commanding the mic. Born Allah is amongst true and living Gods and Earths out there in the industry who are still righteous on the mic such as J-Live, Planet Asia, Raz Fresco and Almighty Shing Shing Regime.

With the growth of the internet and social media post the Golden Era of Hip Hop a lot of the message of the Five Percent has been mixed, diluted and tampered with. Those of us who got this "back in the day" were instilled with core values, protocol and a specific rites of passage. There are still solid strongholds of those who hold dear to the teachings of the Five Percent and "give it how they got it." Born Allah is one of those dudes. This video right here is a primer on Allah's Five Percent. The song, video and Q & A serves as an introduction and for many maybe a reintroduction to the "Gods in Hip Hop." Digest this understanding that the Gods and Earths ain't gone nowhere and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon. 

C'BS ALife Allah

Popular L.A. underground MC Born Allah returns back to form with his new single, "Hardcore Righteousness". Dedicated to Father Allah & his Five Percent Nation,
Born Allah goes hard on this V-Kush produced beat. This new single is a throwback, reminiscent of the golden era of Hip Hop when the hardcore righteous bars of Brand Nubian, Poor Righteous Teachers & Rakim was the norm.
The song is accompanied by a powerful video from the  RCKLSS ABNDN production team and features classic pictures and footage of Allah, the founder of the 5% Nation and his early followers.
In the song Born Allah gives his harsh opinion of Jay-Z wearing the Universal Flag  (recognized as a symbol of the 5% Nation) and the infamous moment when he passed the chain on to Jay Electronica at the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival in 2014.
The song & video is a great ode to a period in Hip Hop when rappers had more on their minds than strippers and the trap.

Born Allah alias Daddy Grace 
of The Church of Hip Hop & Financial Prosperity 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It has been FOREVER since I have posted here. If you want to get in tune with my current project please jump over to Old Skoolie 1863: The Foundation. Get a glimpse into this ambitious endeavor.

Monday, April 02, 2012

I'm going to need you to add on!

From the Universal Street Academy

The Universal Street Academy is dedicated to positive change in our community so that it inspires the hearts and minds of our youth to achieve what was previously thought unachievable. We work to encourage our neighbors and community members to take positive action. We build to inspire those who have thought or walked along a destructive path and to present an alternative to them. We build to invigorate our elders and give them a sense of safety and security they have long missed. Located at 3306 Germantown Avenue, in the heart of North Philadelphia, the Universal Street Academy has set up home with a vision of community resurrection. Our goal is to be a shining beacon of light in the face of dim and troubled times. The dedicated men, women, and children of the Universal Street Academy are prepared to return our community to where it once was. Youth and Adult Education programs, Art programs, Martial Arts and Fitness programs, Community service, Health & Dietary programs, Referral services, Counseling services, and Social events are among the many ways the Universal Street Academy intends to make a difference in our beloved city of Philadelphia. We have made much sacrifice thus far, yet, much more will be required. This is why, with great humility and optimism, we ask you to assist us in inspiring the world, one community at a time, by making a weekly or monthly pledge or one time donation. The Universal Street Academy has created an account, which allows you to contribute according to your own financial means to the cause. Regardless if you reside a block away from our location or 3000 miles away, all people are our people. The world is one community. And if we don’t awaken the greatness in the people of the world, then who will? There is no mystery; we are the change we seek. Whatever, you can commit, regardless of how large or small is sincerely appreciated. And if for any reason you cannot contribute today, we ask that you please share our cause with others Sincerely, The Men, Women, and Children of The Universal Street Academy, 2012

So yeah, I'm going to need you to add on!