Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Girls gone....

*The Jewel is Understanding

It is easy to get clarity when there is nothing else to see. I mean I left practically everything behind. I see why those dudes locked up in white padded rooms go ‘crazy’. It’s easy. You have only yourself to deal with and ironically you get used to listening to other things that your own voice sounds foreign. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the position so that you only can focus on self. That is a wise move. It will bring forth an Understanding (Wisdom Knowledge all being Born to Understanding) which is a conclusion, comprehension, insight, a view, an estimate.

It is important to see who you are in the context of the Universe. I am the sun. It doesn’t benefit me if I ‘play’ at being another planet, comet or moon. Once I determine who I am then I know how to relate to every other celestial object in the Universe. Plain and simple man is man, woman is woman, and child is child. You can view people entering into other coordinates and actually manifesting some of the qualities of that coordinate yet in the long term you will see that they don’t internally have those qualities by nature. Something will happen because of playing the wrong position: bitterness, anger, anxiety, boys/girls not knowing what it is to be a man/woman, regret, etc.

Hey Buddy, WTF does this have to do with traveling on the sea??!!! You know what it has EVERYTHING to do with and just cause you can’t SEE it…well…get a clue man get a clue. Let me draw a connection for you.

You were working in a confined area, the dimensions of the ship. Due to your schedule you only get a little while off of the boat. For me this was the environment that I wanted because I wanted to work at the least amount of distractions. I also knew that Understanding comes in time. So I wasn’t expecting an ‘instant revelation’ to hit me. I knew that I had to be the primary initiator of observation of self in order to get the best part of my various thoughts.

Some others sought Understanding through other means. One of these means was chemical stimulation. Let me present the following personal ‘standards’:

*I’m righteous not holy. I myself have indulged in chemical stimulation.

*With that said all chemical stimulation isn’t equal, a cup of coffee isn’t a shot of vodka, weed ain’t heroin, and an antihistamine ain’t oxycontin.

*a lot of chemical stimulation accents aspects of a person that they hide. It is an interesting dynamic to witness. Yes, there is a reason that many works of art is fueled from said stimulation.

With the above said I have never seen as many chemically stimulated women as I saw on the boat. Also, just in my travels across the planet I have been in the presence of said women. Here are my observations (at home and abroad) of said women. (now don’t get mad if you see yourself in here):

Girls Gone Hygh, Tweaked, Drunk, Clear, Elevated and Relaxed

Euforia Aieleen
This is that ecstasy chic. She’s mad open, touchy feely, lookin mad goofy happy. She touchy feely so of course the sex will be enhanced on her end. Here’s the problem though…she’s like this with EVERYBODY. If a chic is all over you like comfortable scarf that’s all Bruce Lee (slang meaning hella cool). Yet when she is smiling all up in the face of the whole party, even that ugly wart laden smelly doorman then it ain’t sexy and damn…she can’t even bring sexy back after that point.

Zona Zombia
This is that crack chic. A rare breed in this day and time. Basically what I have to say about her I wrote about here.

Tina Testy
This is that cocaine, white lady mistress chic. Overtime her whole physical is going to deteriorate from using this stuff. As it is now she always has head colds and is finger checking her nose as if she has boogers or something. When she does stop sniffing to have sex she doesn’t ever want to pause (I’ve heard the same thing about the Road Runner babes (speed chics)). What really skcuf with you is that her eyes bounce around all of the time like ping pong balls and she talks TOO DAMN MUCH. Tina shut the kcuf later…now..please.

Bebe’ Char
She’s that undead from antiquity. She sips heroin. It may be through little snake bites in her arm or through poisoned clouds. To top it off she drinks that ‘purple’ or ‘lean’ (codine and soda pop) that glazes her whole demeanor. At first you may be tricked into the allure of her dreamy movements then you’ll realize that they are just a hair breath away from a nightmare.

Dusty Darla
She does that hillbilly heroin, Oxycontin. In my experience she is and classifies herself as trailer trash. She’s sucking on Marlboros, thinks the confederate flag is a knitting pattern, and her car smells of stale beer. She’s a rubber band. Her muscles cannot support her frame. At this point all she is good for is decoration for your blanket. Put her over it so that the blanket doesn’t move and go back and enjoy the party.

Indonesia Ahltyme Hygh
That’s Chronic Carla, Mary Jane, Ganja Jewel, etc. We be mad acquainted. This woman is often caught in a dream time walking euphoria, experiencing time dilations, has dreamy eyes, and is making random connections that ends for pleasant conversation. That is if she knows her limit and doesn’t become the star in some paranoid thriller conspiracy flick. She shares on many levels and that sharing can be intimate if she trusted you in the first place to be around her when she entered into that astral space.

Ecchi Ayeesha
Wine Connoisseur. Even if she downs it with impunity. She feels the river of blood in her veins and every tributary that hollers out her elegant felinity. She wraps you in the rush of her tantric scent. That is…if she doesn’t just become Inez.

Inebri Inez
Beer drinker. She’s doing it just to get drunk. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Oftentimes she just becomes a drunkard and tries to make it sound like a virtue. You’re a drunk Inez; arrogant, loud, nasty, and the furthest thing from attractive…go vomit.

Judith Twilight
This is that sake’ drinker. Each swallow is liquid literary poetry that she whispers back in nighttime conversations. Ain’t no other way to say it. She’s just smooth. Each dip becomes a salsa note. Each glance luna bright.

Satori Sara
She drops xanax in order to escape the ills of the world. She has an ill balance where there is no panic. No confusion. When you have sex you are playing with an angel. Yet the key in all of this is for her to recognize where the xanax has brought her to so that she can go there on her own. If she doesn’t learn this lesson then that key of xanax no longer is the key to Nirvana it is the key to Naraka.

Tina Technicolor
She has dropped that LSD or mushrooms or psychadelic agent in the past. She doesn't do it on the regular yet you know tht she has touched it due to her depth of perception in terms of her senses. Often times she experiences synesthia as she smells colors and hears smells. At first it appears as though she is playing with the rules of quantum physic yet in reality she just has a little more insight into them.

Stay tuned for more of the ‘don’t rock the boat’ series as it continues.

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