Monday, August 03, 2009

The Sol Power Network

"Wait...did I come to the wrong blog? Where is the Journal of Allah's 5%?"

It's renewal time. For those who don't knowledge I've been holding freelance writing gigs about as long as I have been running this blog. I chose to keep this blog 'holy' in that I kept it focused on the Nation. When I felt that I wanted to explore various other topics I would just create another blog. Thus at various times I would be running up to 5 blogs at one time. I had one dealing with eating the right foods, I had another dealing with the craft of writing, I have one dealing with afrofuturism, etc. I decided to collapse everything into one blog. My main motivation is that I am continuing to grow as a writer and my online scriptures are basically part of my own writing resume.

I have already ported all of the post from Black to Nature and The Pen is the Sword to this blog. You can search in the archives and find every post made in those two blogs. I haven't tagged post so you'll just have to keyword search if there is something in particular that you are looking for. In time I am going to port all of the post from BlueBlack Atlantis over here also.

With that being said...what is the Sol Power Network. Come now..y'all know it's just me. It's me distilled in the purest form of sunlight. I will be posting everything under the Sun (of Man) from Nation issues, to Afrofuturism, activism, poetry, the art of writing, urban raw foodism, being a father, being a man and being God. It'll be the one hub to find all of my writing on the net. It'll also be ground zero to discuss my own economic endeavors such as being part of the publishing houses of Supreme Design, Two Horizons Press and Asiatic Light.

It'll also just be me. C'BS ALife Allah

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