Friday, July 31, 2009

Knowledge of Self is here!!!

Today marks the publication of "Knowledge of Self: A collection of writings on the science of everything in life". This is an anthology of the writings of 40+ Gods and Earths from various walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. It is very much so a nation book vs. being the product of one individual. We, the editors of this book, are honored to present this book, which is a product of our Nation, to our Nation.

If you have not taken time to do so please check out the official website at where you can find out more about the book, the editors, the authors, etc. The site will also serve as a growing portal for those interested in finding out more about the knowledge of their self. The book itself is an exercise in the values of our Nation. Every stage of this book from publishing to the printing was done by the Original man and woman at home and abroad.

As publishers we know and understand that this is only the first leg of the journey. The book has been compiled. Now it is time to get it to the masses. If you are God or Earth and you realize the importance of spreading the positive word about our Nation spread the word however you can. There are some widgets on the official page that you can utilize for promotion.

We won't do too much talking about the contents of the book itself. We will let the book speak for itself. Grab you a copy and while you're at it grab some copies for those who are in need of it around your way.

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Saladin Allah said...

Peace Lord!

Can you please email me a JPEG of the KOS Anthology Book Cover in 120 x 163 pixel dimesions?