Monday, August 03, 2009

A delay? Say it ain't so!

2 weeks folks.

As most of you knowledge every step of the process is being done by the Original man and woman (at home and abroad). Our printing was done out of India. Thus right now it is in customs in NYC where, no lie, they are processing the books by going through X-RAYS. They think we're carrying contraband little do they knowledge that the Truth is the real weapon up in there. After it goes through customs the boxes will still have to be shipped to various points across the United States in order to be ready for selling.

This does not mean that we are going to let up one bit.

For us this book has a mission and purpose beyond it just being a mere 'book.' This book is meant to reach those crevices in our collective community who are without hope and direction. It is meant to be a brick in the construction of the edifice of self that has been neglected by many in this society.

Know Thyself.

We've just begun.

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