Friday, July 17, 2009

Simple Mornings

So it reminds me of Nairobi, Kenya. When I traveled to Nairobi in HS I remember walking the streets early in the morning and it was mad calm. That's what I've been experiencing here since I've arrived. I'm a Tri-State baby and sorry to say that it puts me on edge at times.

The time dilation messes with me also. People move at their own pace and that really freaks me out. I see the plus and minuses in it and I see the plus and minuses in the Tri-State hyper-time. I just happened to be condition to that eastcoast pulse.

What is also funny for me is that alot of my peoples kept telling me that I was going to be out here amongst white people. Let me tell you..I have been inundated with Original People from all of the human families and its kinda incredible; Desi, Mexican, Ethiopian, Eritrean, etc.

Later today I'll be mapping the city in my head with a brother from here who is about to start walking through 120 with me. Met him a couple of Show and Proves ago. Today is Knowledge God and observation of the city must be done by me so that my plans for expansion are appropriate. Every square inch. Every square mile.

Looking forward to also linking up with the righteous here, seeing what is what, and figuring out what position to play. Getting to the root of West Asia vs Divine, looking to see one Cipher flourish, and of course looking forward to the physical manifestation of the universal flag amongst the Cipher here.

It reminds me of Nairobi. I learned so much in Nairobi. I am sure that I will be learning.

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