Monday, July 20, 2009

In case you didn't know...God running for Mayor

Peace all:

I wanted to make an official announcement that I am running for Mayor of Seattle to bring some new energy and real change to our communities and city!

Below you will find my official statement outlining some of the issues that I will be bringing to the campaign trail. Out of sight is out of mind so I invite you to join me in making sure our interests and issues are on the table, our collective voice is heard and our presence is felt in a major way!

Please do email me and let me know what issues are important to you and remember...If you're not at the table, your're probably on the menu!



Whether during surprise snow storms or while Seattle’s most vulnerable populations suffer the freeze of neglect, city hall has given too many people the cold shoulder in favor of developers and big money. Now it’s time to exercise our alternatives.

Vote Wyking August 18th - New ideas, new energy and real change.

K. Wyking Garrett for Mayor
New Energy. Real Change.

We need new energy and real change to make Seattle shine as a beacon and example of true diversity and equity. My life experience as a community organizer, youth advocate, educator and entrepreneur exemplifies my commitment to problem solving.

How a city’s youth, families, schools, small businesses and most insecure residents are doing are the best indicators of its general health, not the number of new high rises.

We cannot take four more years of top down politics with neighborhood interests being ignored and haphazardly addressed in favor of special interests. I will investigate fraud and insider dealing that leaves communities disenfranchised such as in the case of Urban League/African American Museum.

Real solutions for youth violence:

* Reverse school closures and no new closures
* Create African American Peace Academy magnet curriculums at Garfield and Rainier Beach High schools to address black on black youth violence
* Free college education for underprivileged youth
* Increase teachers’ salaries to be equitable with police officers
* Rehabilitation and job training not expensive incarceration for non-violent crimes
* Transitional housing for homeless youth
* Develop community based empowerment centers like the UmojaFest P.E.A.C.E. Center in central Seattle
* Employ youth to make neighborhoods safer through citywide Youth Peace Corps

Our economic development strategy should be such that no one is left behind or pushed out:

* Support the development of small businesses that hire locally
* Remove obstacles and provide tax exemptions and incentives for neighborhood businesses to grow and provide jobs to residents
* Provide more low income housing and support for residents to buy and keep homes
* Ensure that infrastructure and development projects provide local jobs to those most in need
* Use stimulus funding to create Green jobs that provide pathways out of poverty
* Support cultural workers and the growth of a diverse community based music, arts and culture economy
* Support neighborhoods in achieving Community Benefit Agreements with developers


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