Thursday, July 16, 2009

St. Matthews 24:27

Peace. I knowledge that I said I was going to step back yet I renewed the Koran in ways that even, at that time, I knew not of. My constant elevation (expands) has taken me from the eastcoast to the west to the city of Denver. I don't knowledge how long this move will be, if it is a permanent one, or if it is just another step in my own journey. What I do know is matter where I am at I go hard. So expect reports of the God from the "mount" the mile high city. I'll be dropping my 'sermons from the mount'.

What I do know is that New Heaven, C-Truth will forever be my Mecca. This summer was incredible. I don't have words for it. The Gods and Earths in C-Truth are a rare bunch and I have nothing except extreme love for them. The time that I spent with the babies, including my own prince I-Victory I won't even attempt to put into words. Here are a few reflections from various seed ciphers, rallies, and our family day. If you attend a cipher in a place and you don't see the joy on the babies faces you might not be in the presence of God and Earth..think on that.

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