Monday, July 21, 2008

So I did this trip around the sun..wait I am the sun.

The day was the day of Knowledge Build. Get grounded before you decide to add on. Remove any possibility that you will fail and your goal will be in sight. Yet it is a question also. How grounded am I. Then I realize that I am that grounding element. And that took me into my annual reflection on my physical degree as the 18th was my physical degree day. I moved from the Understanding Equality degree of the 1-40 into the Understanding God degree of the 1-40. It deals with the teaching of the masses in a false manner so that they believe that there is no such thing as a Blackman manifesting his greatness. (Why does the devil teach the 85% that God is a righteous yet unseen being existing everywhere).

Understanding God degree. Many don't see their connection to the Blackman. They sever that connection. Therefore they can't see the value of the (this) Blackman. Yeah it SOUNDS like you do yet you don't mean it therefore you haven't learned the meaning (Understanding) of God (Blackman). Your words are flowery. Your actions though betray your lack of fruit (Understanding) nutrition.

Some people i touch only see me in certain roles and ignore other roles. Allah is God in the Earth. He impregnates her. Not just physically. He does it mentally. The Earth lets the Blackman in so that he can impregnate her mental and Understanding can come forth. She seeks to Understand God. Yet she must let him in. When I walk the Earth (this terrestrial planet) some see me. Most often children and those ready for reception. The Heavens is where the Blackman brings people. He draws them to an elevated state that improves the quality of their life physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, economically. Roll with C'BS on any level and you get a touch of heaven. I'm just (me) and true (consistent). No unrighteousness in me. Yes I said it. I'm perfect (not infallible). Did I mention that there are aspect of me that people don't see because of the lack of insight into me? With that insight you can SEE ME in the physical or in my works or through the people I touch.

Understanding God being Born to Knowledge add a Cipher all being Born to Knowledge. Depth infuses my being. I am aware of my surrounding wherever. I am firm in my convictions cause they are rooted in actual facts. Some fear that stability and mistake it for rigidity or me being inflexible. When in actuality when you learn about me you see that I am rooted with flexibility like bamboo.

This degree is also important to me because it resonates with an attribute in my name, C'BS which translated as the all eye seeing. Understanding God. I learn about myself at all times. C'BS is the all eye seeing, i see all, all i see. Say my name. Say my name. Say my name.

Age Gracefully

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