Monday, April 18, 2005

Holy vs. Righteous

When did ritual purity (holy) become confused with being morally upright (righteous)? Holy traditionally has been applied to a thing (such as a bible), or a person (pope, swami, 'holy men') whom not only are not OF the world...they aren't IN the world. What I mean is that it is easy to keep 'pure' when one is isolated from one's environment (celebacy (isn't that anti-life), not going into clubs, cloistered, etc..).

Holy is that which hasn't been mixed, diluted or tampered with. In actuallity it is more properly applied to a thing such as an ideal (Freedom, Love, etc.) rather than a person. It is static. Righteous is dynamic. It is the 'greatest good' of preserving and maximizing life of oneself, one's family, one's community, and in the long run the world.

The Gods and Earths have never claimed to be holy ('holier than thou') because we realize that it has nothing to do with moral uprightness. Thus, the charge..'they drink and smoke' has often been labeled against us. My righteous brother Sha-King approaches this topic in his April 16th Blog on his Blogspot ( It is something that we have dealt with in our Nation since our inception.

In fact, let's play "Who is the Holiest"?

Some Christians drink and smoke in moderation, yet eat anything.
Mormons don't smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or drink coffee.
Muslims don't use tobacco, drink alcohol, or eat pork.
Vegans don't do any of the above plus they don't eat any animals so they MUST be the holiest!

Yet when you check history you realize that Hitler was a vegetarian.

Ritual purity has nothing to do with moral fortitude. In fact, many of the above groups violate their own 'restrictions'. I know several Christians and Muslims that take over the counter medicines that 'intoxicate' the brain. Yet as long as it is 'state sanctioned' it is okay. Remember that opium, weed, etc.. were LEGAL just over a century ago. I know about the tobacco ban in Muslim countries yet you will often find hookahs and nargils. Coffee is a stimulant.

An item is not morally 'good' or 'bad' in and of itself. Any item is translated through an individual who may do positive or negative actions. Health is great yet it is not related to righteousness or all of our sport stars would be our 'holy men'.

Yes the Gods and Earths have a basic standard for eating. We also know that the best way to Master anything is to leave it alone. So we are anti-ADDICTION. Yet just as there are people whom can get through their day drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes there are those whom can get through their day without falling vicitim to certain 'illegal' drugs. My righteous brother Just Self was a straight alcoholic yet he was one of the first ones to step into a hail of bullets to save the babies when drug dealers were shooting in my old neighborhood. My older brother Barkim Powerful seemed to always be coming from or chasing another 'high' yet he ALWAYS spent time with the babies in his neighborhood in Medina while other people couldn't be bothered.

Another thing that many don't realize is that many of our people, as my righteous brother I-Majestic always points out, are in a state of recovery. That person whom is smoking a cigarette may have been a crack addict and stepped down to tobacco.

The Gods and Earths work with obtainable standards rather than illusionary standards (Has anyone ever been as 'holy' as the living pope? Has anyone ever been as 'holy' as 'Christ'?) I work so that my presence makes the world a better place rather then me working to just make sure that I am 'pure'. I am not a holy man, I am a righteous man.


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