Saturday, April 16, 2005


Recently someone asked me why I don't post more 'history' posts on the blog seeing that history is a 'passion' of mine. The short answer is that I tend not to know how to write 'short' things about history. I tend to write essays. I will be saving my essays for another website that is in development as we speak (check my brother Justice Rajee Allah's blog, Brave Thinking, at more details). Another reason is that people 'think' that one cannot declare their self as God 'unless' they generate a whole body that connects the present day reality to a 'historical' reality. They don't see that ability of those in the NOW to create and mold their own reality. I can show you a number of instances in history of the deification of man and the connection of woman with this planet yet at the end of the day, in this social reality, I am God because I say so and show and prove it through a logical expression.

With that said I do find history interesting. One part that I have found interesting is the presence of the moors amongst the spainards and how spanish culture abroad has preserved alot of this past interaction. Being that my Earth is of Boriken lineage as my son I use it as a point of reference. I use this point of reference when I am Building with those of latino lineage and as a stepping stone into this way of life.

The majority of the words in spanish that begin with 'al' are from arabic. Notice how 'Medina' is a common Puerto Rican last name. Also Knowledge this that I got from

According to Ocasio, there are many Islamic and Moorish elements in Latin culture; he says that the Spanish "ojala" is derived from the Arabic "insha'allah" (both expressions mean God willing), while the Spanish exclamation "olé" comes from "Allah." Some scholars seem to agree. "In a sense, no single word could be said to encapsulate as such Spanish history as that three-letter word 'Olé,' " one historian wrote recently. "'Olé' is the Spanish adaptation of 'Allah', the Arabic word for God. So when Spaniards say 'Olé' at a bullfight, they are saying Praise 'Allah'."

Just one to grow on.



Javier said...


i was wondering if latinos can be five percenters? im speaking specifically of those with african ancestry (cubans, puerto ricans, dominicans etc). thanks.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Indeed. Keep reading. You will find that I mention it more than one time in my blog. In fact I have an article about the 'latino' presence in my Nation,and my son's mother is of Puerto rican lineage. Check out my righteous brother's blog at He is of latino lineage. Peace