Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just wanted to say

Just wanted to make Knowledge Born about a few particles:

1. Haven't gotten the computer up and running yet so I'm using satilite services to post now and then. When I'm back up and running 100% right and exact I'll hit y'all on the daily.

2. I've gotten alot of personal e-mail and posts that I haven't made time to answer due to the current environment with no computer. Again, refer to the above.

3. This is a space for posting this God's perspective on various topics. It is not a place for debate (though I may address specific topics in future post), it is not a place to get 'instant 120' (I'm just going to send you to the true and living in your area...we do this face to face), it is not a place for the Gods to be your 'oracle' (I'm gonna just point you where to find the answer for your self), and it is not a place to bash anyone (though I may be critical of various religions, perspectives, etc..).

4. Yes I went to college. No I didn't get 120 via the internet. I traveled to Mecca (Harlem) and got it face to face, mouth to ear from a God by the name of God Darmel Allah. I traveled back and forth from New Heaven (New Haven) to Mecca until I Knowledged 120. In actuality I got some of the degrees (from the same God) in Medina and the Light.


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