Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The 'Holy' Father


New England has a large Catholic population. It is not the foundational religion in the region (that honor would have to go to various forms of Protestantnism) yet it has taken root in this region due to it being the religion of various ethnic groups that immigrated here and stayed (such as the Italian and Latino population in CT, the Irish population of Boston, etc.). New Haven itself hosts the headquarters of the Knights of Columbus (, the largest Catholic Fraternal Order.

New Haven and the surrounding towns have several Catholic schools. As an alternative to public and 'private' schools Catholic schools were always an option for inner city youth as a place for more 'quality' learning. Though I always remembered all of these children who weren't Catholic being taught Catholic doctrine. Their time in the schools oriented them to a way of thinking that wasn't conducive to their experience in their neighborhoods and/or their history. The fear that was planted in them traveled with them the rest of their lives. I also remember just working to kick it to Catholic girls cause if one had flow with them it was a 'high prize' back in the day.

My good brother I-Majestic Allah made Knowledge Born about the demographics of the modern day church. The dynamics are such that South America hold about 1/2 of the worlds Catholics. Asia and Africa have been growing as well. Europe and America are loosing Catholics. Yet, with all of the change in demographics the leadership of the church still is composed of primarialy white males from Europe. The structure is familiar to us all. The demographics of wealth and control world wide reflect the same structure.

It will be interesting to see whom will be Pope. It will be interesting what his agenda will be. I do know that I was disgusted that the former Arch Bishop of Boston, who shifted priest around whom he knew were child molesters to various churches, was given a duty of honor in relationship to the funeral of the Pope ( In my book harming the babies is the ultimate 'sin'. The fact that he was in the know and generated a means for them to continue their devilishment warrants a high penalty.

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