Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I recently found a home video tape of my physical family from December 31st, 1999. My physical foundation (Father), my old Earth, and my 2 physicals (1 sister, 1 brother) had decided that we were going to spend the 'eve of the millenium' together. The only catch was that my family's church's anniversary was on January the 1st. I had grown up reared in a Holiness home and had celebrated this anniversary with them every year before coming into the Knowledge of myself. The anniversary was in Maryland.

Now, my brother decided to wait until I got out of work and we drove down to Maryland on that eve having a fresh time. My family was staying in a hotel so we were going to join them.

For those who recall there was alot of apprehension in the air with talk of Y2K, the New World Order, etc.. We actually filmed the whole journey and made it as though we were 'escaping' Armageddon.

While looking over that tape I have been taking in the joy that I have from being around my family. I am also seeing what led me to want to reproduce that same joy in my own solar system. That film was also the last video of my old Earth who returned to the essence the next year due to cancer.

During that time I was still in the process of making my own Earth, Shahada Vindia. I've been meditating on that time of transition. The planet Earth is the home of Islam. When you leave one home you set up another. When you are 'out of doors' it ain't cool.

The Japanese have a poem form that is called 'jisei'. It is a poem written by zen monks or haiku poets on their death bed. We know that there is no return from a physical death yet there can be a resurrection from a mental death. That 'dark night of the sol' for me was the transition where I wrote my own jisei yet resurrection lies within.


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