Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are you Original?

I know that I posted it a little while back yet I felt that I needed to reiterate the point.

God=being Original

Some fall into this category

Some fall into this category

Both are pretty fake if ya ask me. Lord of All of the Worlds (yeah I'll say it until you get it). I'm typing to you on the computer and I hang on the block. I'm a raw foodist and yeah I like to get innebriated sometimes (check my fly vernacular). There are a billion and one things that you may THINK you know about me yet you really don't matter how much I write there are just somethings that you have to do the Knowledge to. And frankly (whoever damn frank is) some things are meant only for a close female planet, my son, babies, people who CAN do the knowledge (look, listen and observe me) to me. God is a nice fine mixture because he is the foundation.

C'BS ALife Allah--->respected on the block in the boardroom and all points in between.

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