Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Destroying African Culture

They stole the gold, diamonds, they're stealing oil (and if you don't know who THEY is can you say not the Original Indigenous sun tagged up skin man). They stole PEOPLE. And now they stealing the food. Can somebody just smack 'em up one time for me. We gots work to do y'all. Let's get it crunk.

Biofuel production is certainly one of the culprits in the current global food crisis. But while the diversion of corn from food to biofuel feedstock has been a factor in food prices shooting up, the more primordial problem has been the conversion of economies that are largely food-self-sufficient into chronic food importers. Here the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO) figure as much more important villains.

Whether in Latin America, Asia, or Africa, the story has been the same: the destabilization of peasant producers by a one-two punch of IMF-World Bank structural adjustment programs that gutted government investment in the countryside followed by the massive influx of subsidized U.S. and European Union agricultural imports after the WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture pried open markets. .

African agriculture is a case study of how doctrinaire economics serving corporate interests can destroy a whole continent’s productive base.

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What is painfully obvious is that we (original peeps) got the juice. We need to realize that we're the gold that Columbus and his ilk was looking for. They need our resources from our lands and are even going as far as to buy body parts for transplants from people in 3rd world countries that they've made poor. WTF!

Bring it from the Meso to the micro also. You need to know the resources in your hood wherever your hood is. If you are on the internet your resources and connections to Original people world wide needs to be out of the stratosphere. Make it happen

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