Monday, July 14, 2008

Poison Animals

In the degrees of the Gods and the Earths the phrase 'poison animals' pops up. On the diet tip a poison animal are those that are classified as scavengers. They eat anything from feces, to rotting stankin carcases, to your mom's jacked up cooking. They include, yet aren't limited to pigs, possums, raccoons, rats, shrimp, lobster, etc. Their biological systems allow them to function even after eating so much crap. The end result though is that their body tissue and fat tends to STORE that toxin. So check it..when you eat them you're eating that crap.

Some people are living a beast way of life. You got your rats, your crabs in a barrel, your pig, etc. We say that 85% of the population are poison animal eaters. They're just not physically eaters of that sh*t. They MENTALLY eat it. They 'eat up' what those who are living a beast way of life have to say. I don't eat sh*t and I don't take sh*t (though I may talk some sh*t).

Not eating poison animals mentally or physically means that you need to be able to recognize what you're eating. That means you need to know the ingredients. That gumbo stew that you eating at your friends mother's house..stop it. The tool is KNOWLEDGE. That's why fast food bringing you down. You don't know anything about whats in it. Prepare your own food. Know your peoples. Pay attention to their character. See if they have a solid foundation. Your choice of cuisine is making your breath stink

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