Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love is

Love ain't red. Nah...for real. That's lust. And don't get me wrong...some good old lust is good for ya (for you chakra heads that like 1/2 way between the root/base chakra and the sacral chakra. The root is red and is identified with the adrenal glands while the sacral is orange and identified with the gonads). Yet LOVE isn't red. That merger of the intersection between the root and sacral chakra can be a part of love though and in a healthy relationship between man and woman should be.

Love is green y'all like good sol cooked veggies (the heart chakra is green and identified with thymus gland). I ain't going to get all metaphysical here yet you need to let your cup floweth over.

Sometimes some of those 'meta physicians' want to emphasize that 'super duper cosmic hella big old fat love'. Getting in 'tune with the vibes'. And for some reason they have a hard time operating on the micro or meso level.

In terms of male and female..check's okay to love and be loved. If it takes male and female to manifest child imagine what type of things can manifest on the mental level if you just let green love be. Green loving is a healthy bond that reveals incredible fruits in the garden. Emotional health is a part of this regimen also folks. Just like healthy eating is about keeping it simple and getting back to basics so are healthy relationships simple. We tend to just complicate things. Love isn't a noun. It's a verb. Now listen to Debarge..ha


blactivegan said...

why was i 'bout to spit b.i.g.'s "one more chance"?

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