Saturday, June 02, 2007

From the Mouth of Babes: The Way

So today's Build was on Wisdom. For the young star Wisdom is to do right.

The key to Building with the babies is to have them see beyond just the definition on their level. Ask them questions that stimulate them making the connection.

I asked him throughout the day, “What did you do right today?” He listed making his bed, telling me that it wasn't polite for me to leave the table before he was finished eating, helping his pop pop, etc.

When he did something right I reiterated to him, “good job, that was Wise.”

When he did something that wasn't right I asked him, “was that Wise?”

Postive Affirmation and causing a child to evaluate their own actions when not correct are great tools for the babies.

Finally he stated that doing the Knowledge is Wise which let me see that he is already making the connection of Knowledge as a precursor of Wisdom


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