Friday, June 01, 2007

From the Mouth of Babes: The Foundation

In anticipation for the Educational and Scientific Show and Prove which was instituted to show that Allah does not die I am bringing you the day's Supreme Mathematics as manifested from the future, my own private soldier I-Victory. Those that Knowledge my Koran realize that its been some months since he's been in my presence yet he didn't skip a beat. He was like 'I've been studying my Book of Life so that I can Build with you and be ready for the Show and Prove.' As we Build daily I wanted to share with you how HE sees each day's SM with the foundation that I laid out for him (BTW his physical degree is Build)
His definition for Knowledge that we drew up is 'pay attention'. We make sure that he knows the day's Supreme Mathematics and can reference his definition as a starting point. Throughout the day we add on to how it is manifested. Here are some highlights.

-He was playing his Nintendo DS in the backseat. He said something and I turned around and he said..”God, DO THE KNOWLEDGE, keep your eyes on the road!”

-While we were crossing the street he remembered that crossing is about pay attention and that it involves eyes and ears

-I asked him to name one thing that it is important to pay attention to. He said it is important to pay attention when adults are speaking to you.

-Pulled out old school Frogger. Explained how when you know you don't have to rush. You are going to be moving at the right speed. His response to that as I got crushed by one of the trucks was...”patience got to be PATIENT!”

-And finally him mocking me yet deadly serious..”We do WHAT? The KNOWLEDGE!”
Stay tuned for tomorrow's manifestation.

C'BS ALife Allah

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