Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Gods Play Chess

It started in India as Chaturanga went through Persia and became Shantranj. Traveled to the Far East and became Xiangqi. Yet you probably Knowledge it as Chess.

Now, the Gods play chess. What people don't realize is that a HUGE segement of black men play chess. This is one of those games that you can mock up in jail. This is one of those 'international' games that you can just stroll through the park and play with someone even if they don't speak English. In fact I knew more guys from the 'hood' who played chess vs guys from the 'burbs'. It's the art of war, peace, and organization of life. It is as above so below in black and white binary.

My man Adisa Banjoko of Lyrical Swords fame has set up the Hip Hop Chess Federation. It is geared to showing the connection between chess, life, hip hop, etc. It is a procative force out there to steer the youth AND older folk toward a natural state of MENTORSHIP. If you play chess grab a board and see if you can detect the youth out there.


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