Monday, June 04, 2007

From the Mouth of Babes: The Best Part

This is the young star's manifestation from yesterday which was dealing with Understanding. For the prince that is learning. In your school curriculum that is when you get comprehend material.

The way that we explored it on this day was seeing what he really learned. I saw it in many ways and assisted him in making that connection.

*He was explaining to his Grandmother and myself how to play and win Super Mario brothers.

*He was reading a book on unique birds. I asked him why flamingos were pink and he explained how by eating particular crustaceans their plumage turned pink.

*He was making the connection between son, sun, the five points of the star and the arm-leg-leg-arm-head of Allah.

*Some of the best ways to initiate and explore the concept of Understanding with the babies is by asking them to explain how something works, assist them in filling in the blanks between cause and effect, seeing if they can answer the question why in regards to various thing.


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