Monday, June 04, 2007

From the Mouth of Babes: I-God

On this day of Culture we worked at seeing our Culture. For the young star the manifestation is 'how we do things.' Anyone who does things like we do becomes part of the 'we'.

*We discussed on how we say 'hello' (peace), how we eat (no scavengers), why we go over the days Supreme Mathematics, going to the Show and Prove, Building

*We also discussed how we are not to belittle, stigmatize, etc those who don't do things the way we do things. Thus, even though grandpa may eat pork there is no need to say ''re eating pork!' all of the time.



amanda said...

i am enjoying reading these excerpts!!

Brother OMi said...

i realized that the babies got that from me, too.... "ill you eating pork!"