Thursday, June 07, 2007

From the Mouth of Babes: That Truth

These next few are his manifestations from the last few days.

Power. For the young star, 'to make something move'.

We opened up the day on the obvious ways to make things move (you push it silly). Then throughout the day we came upon more examples:

*By complementing a person you can cause them to want to continue to do great things. I asked him how he feels when I say 'good job', 'that was great', or 'you're smart.' He says that he wants me to be proud of him so he keeps trying to do good. I told him this is how i keep him moving (my Power) in the right direction

*Power vs. Prayer. His grand mother is religious. He notices that she prays. I told him that we make things happen vs getting on our knees and praying. So when someone mentions prayer to him he's like..that's okay..I have Power.


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