Thursday, June 07, 2007

From the Mouth of Babes: Equal in everything

Equality. For the young star, 'to share'.

When we first started examining Equality when he was young share for him was straight 50/50. If there was a large pizza for him sharing meant that he was going to get half. In time he started to learn the science of how we view Equality which is APPROPRIATE sharing. He realized that I was bigger so that I would get a larger portion and that he being smaller would get a smaller portion.

*He informed me that since he hasn't seen me for several months that Equality to balance out all of those months is to spend a whole bunch of time with him this month.

*He asks for help with his math exercises. He NEVER asks me to do it for him. He told me that I am supposed to help him learn how to do things. We talked about how Equality makes sure every one does what they are supposed to do.


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