Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yesterday was the 39th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King. As I have spoken on before I grew up thinking that Martin was the dove and Malcolm was the hawk. As I grew I came upon things like this.

It was then that I realized that the truth of the matter was that all of the above was coming to the middle ground of cooperation. THIS is what scared the 'powers that be.' This is what set the ground for the assassination of Martin, Malcolm and the destabilization of the muslims of the Nation of Islam by FBI an CIA. Alone there were 'flaws' in their programs. Together the United States realized what the deal was.

The idea that a lone gunman killed Malcolm, Martin, and both Kennedys borders on the absurd. There are others whom I have missed also who were assassinated during this era. It's called Cointelpro.

This same program was used and is still being used against the Nation of Gods and Earths on a subtle level. When one examines all evidence one will see that ALLAH was assassinated. You can review alot of that information here.

There has just been a set of papers discovered that may have been written by MLK.. As they come under review and we focus on the lives of great men realize that there are things that people want to keep hidden about them. Only the great are assassinated. Let's remember that. Let's grow beyond studying of these men what 'they' want us to read. Let's look not at only what they wrote. Let's look at WHY they wrote it. Let's look at WHEN they wrote it. It is important to realize context. As we travel throughout our daily lives let realize that there is a CONTEXT.


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