Monday, April 09, 2007

United Nations

In New Heaven there are various places where you can find a congregation of original people interacting. On one end of the economic social scale you can take a journey down to Yale and see various Original people whom are bonded by the goal of scholarship. This does not insure that they will see the commonality in originality yet it does provide an environment for this to happen.

Another place on the opposite end of the economic ladder where you will find original peoples congregating is at the weekend Flea market. Here you will find everyone rubbing elbows working to sale their wares. You will hear a multitude of tongues as though you were in some trading post or bazaar.

Another place where you will find a congregation of original people is amongst the Gods and Earths. It is interesting to note that after all of this time people still think that Black in the context of the Nation of Gods and Earths is synonymous with 'African-American'. I will continue to stress that within our world view Black includes the black, brown, and yellow seed (man)/soil (woman). In layman's terms it includes any non-white individual.

I have already written about the 'Latino' presence in the Nation of Gods and Earths (which by the way was there from early on in our history). What may be surprising to those who depend on 3rd hand weak accounts of my Nation is that within our ranks are various Gods and Earths of various nationalities and ethnic groups.

I personally know Gods and Earths whose lineage is Korean, Iranian, Philippine, Indian, Pacific Islander, West Indian (Haitian, Dominican,Cuban, etc), Latin American (Mexican, Venezuelian, etc.), Pakistani, and of the Native Nations.

Damn. I didn't even realized that I knew that many people in our Nation who came from various different lineages until I sat down to write this post.

In the past all of the seven continents were together as one. We refer to this unity as Asia (in the literature of the west it is refered to as Gondwana). Asia is derived from the Akkadian word 'Asu' (a civilization in asia minor/ the fertile crescent) which means to go out or to ascend. It refers to the direction of the sun. Thus it is one of the first 'trans-national' words that transcends such identity.

The seventh coordinate in the Supreme Mathematics is Allah God. This points to the origin of mankind resting in the Asiatic Blackman. It also points to the responsibility of the Asiatic Blackman to transcend ethnic, nationalistic, and 'racial' boundaries to reveal the science of unity. Seven is the largest prime number. Thus it is only divisible by one and itself. This is synonymous to the original man with the knowledge of himself. He is able to see his SELF whether his self is speaking Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi or Spanglish.

If you really want to see the original family interacting on a level of great social equality I suggest that you check out the Educational and Scientific Show and Prove this year.


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