Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Culture is a standard of interaction that is the context of life for a particular group of people. There are many customs that are particular to the Nation of Gods and Earths. There are other cultural traditions that should be a part of every group.

*No group should have a deep seeded hatred of their own self. Unfortunately this is often the case in any group that has been colonized. We often think of the whole 'skin bleaching' phenom as a result of slavery in the United States yet check out how it manifests in the Far East.

*We also often see the effects of eating the wrong foods in the United States yet again, look at the effect of colonialism in term of spreading malnutrition via teaching them to eat the wrong foods.

*We rock our own apparel. Do the Knowledge on this article from I Medina Peaceful Earth on the history of women's clothing in our Nation.

*The Gods have their own style also. We rock crowns. They are similar to kufis with a tassel attached. They come from the simple solid color or two tone color illustrated here . We also rock crowns that are fully emblazoned with our names and have the universal flag up on there like illustrated here .


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