Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Siheem taught me to rock my hat like this.

For those who don't Knowledge one of the 1st Born of Medina (Brooklyn), Siheem, returned to the essence yesterday. To make Knowledge Born the history of this Nation is not "The Bomb: The Greatest Story Never Told". That is only a bare outline of the history of this Nation. The majority of the history of our Nation is within the caretakers of that history; the first Born and the first resurrected. That is oral history and tradition. Also, those who really know our history realize how important the 1st Born of Medina are to our overall history.

I was introduced to Siheem through Beloved Jamel at a Medina Parliament. I had my son with me at the time. He was no more than 3 or 4. I remember Siheem telling me "keep him close." It was one of those moments that made me realize why the 1st Born referred to ALLAH as their Father.

Another thing that I remember about Siheem was that he taught me how to flip my street garment style grown man style. Now, what you have to remember is that I am a Hip Hop baby. I got Knowledge of myself during the Golden Age of Hip Hop. The clothing at that time could be labeled as 'Afrocentric'. That style of Hip Hop wear was even being worn by alot of the Gods. I remember him wearing a hat (similar to the one I'm rocking in the above photo) at a Medina Parliament. I just thought, damn...that's fly. I then realized that the Gods came from the hood, never left the hood, taught in the hood, and weren't followers...they set the trends.

It was later on that I heard Dumar Wa'de speaking on how ALLAH spoke to them about having fresh pressed clothing. Dumar was one of the first Gods that I saw in a suit. I then started drawing up on how ALLAH was in suits in his pictures. I then realized just how many attributes of Allah we are manifesting in terms of clothing. From that point on I wasn't going to limit myself to just 'one' style as though that was the 'uniform' for God. It is the same way amongst our Earths. There isn't 'one' style. There are multitudes of ways to rock 3/4's.

Yet on this day, as I recall my history in this Nation, I want to remember Siheem who taught me to rock my hat like this.


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Ahmad said...

Peace To The GOD:

I love when men demonstrate balance and love.

Respect and Divine Love

Ahmad Muhammad
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