Friday, February 09, 2007

Yet he thinks we are the same

I have been focusing on how original people have been separated by the effects of white supremacy. This is not just as a result of the last wave of colonialism and slavery. There were also precursor waves of white supremacy circa 4000 BC (aprox 6,000 years ago) and circa 2,000 BC (aprox 4,000 years ago) (check here). This leads to original people internalizing the skin caste system nowadays amongst all original ethnic groups. What is interesting is that though this is reinforced by Caucasian peoples they DON’T believe that we are different. When the chips are down they may teach that we are all different yet they see us the same.

Historically original people were referred to as Colored People by white people. Nowadays we reject the title and have reclaimed its use to refer to white people. What is interesting is that people think that it was only used to refer to ‘african-americans’. The truth is that it was used to refer to all original people from aprox 1840-1960. They never thought that we were different.

Also WE were unified under one banner in terms of our relationship against the white man in America. You can look into old Black periodicals such as Crisis, Colored American Magazine, and the Harlem Quarterly. They made no distinction between ‘African-American’, Indian, Japanese, etc. They included them all as Colored People.

He wants us to think that we are all different. He doesn’t think that we are different. We need to know that despite our differences we have the same root as original people.


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