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Allah is not a Muslim

“It doesn’t say that the poor righteous teachers or that the Son of Man or the Supreme Being is a Muslim or Muslim son. It says that the human families of the Planet Earth are otherwise known as Muslims and Muslim sons”

“Almighty God ALLAH taught us to use our Third Eye (The Mind) to get the understanding from these lessons and anything else you see or read not to just take the knowledge and wisdom and run with it, because all of the lessons have an Understanding to them beyond the knowledge and Wisdom of them. If Knowledge and Wisdom of the lessons is all you want, then peace to you or maybe some of you will be muslims if that is what you want then peace to that, however, to be God, Allah, the Son of Man, the Supreme Being you will have to be able to see and Understand past the knowledge and wisdom.”

Universal Shaamgaudd Allah
(one of the 1st Born of Medina (Brooklyn) and the architect of the Universal Flag).

We are not muslims. This is not an ‘optional’ element of our teachings. If you are speaking with someone who ‘claims’ to be in the Nation of Gods and Earths and declares that they are a ‘muslim’ also or that ‘God is a muslim’ then you are speaking to someone who doesn’t have any Understanding of what we teach.

Those who say such things such as ‘even the Gods submit to nature’ don’t have a basic understanding of SCIENCE. There is a difference between a scientific law and a governmental law.

Physical Law
A physical law, scientific law, or a law of nature is a scientific generalization based on empirical observations of physical behavior. They are typically conclusions based on repeated scientific experiments over many years, and which have become accepted universally within the scientific community.

Governmental Law
Law (from Old English lagu "something laid down or fixed"; legal comes from Latin lex "law") has been defined as a "system of rules", as "any system of regulations to govern the conduct of the people of a community, society or nation", as an "interpretive concept" to achieve justice, as an "authority" to mediate people's interests, and even as "the command of a sovereign, backed by the threat of a sanction".

Those who say that muslim means ‘one who submits to allah’ or ‘just means one of peace’ ignore the religious context of muslim (giving it the first meaning) or the historical roots of the second ‘meaning’ (giving it the second meaning). Here is a portion from a piece I wrote that gives insight on the history of those definitions. All in all it will add on to the Understanding on why we aren’t muslims nor do the true and living Gods and Earths claim to be.


The term Muslim is another Arabic term which carries with it subtle nuances in meaning and application. In the religious world it is said to mean "one who submits to the will of Allah". As mentioned previously, the definition is often times taken on face value for people assume that those who are followers of the religion of Al-Islam "own" certain terms so "of course" they would be the best knower. Upon further examination several facts become evident.

Taking muslim to the etymological root one will find that it is derived from salaam (slm). By expanding to the word to muslim (mslm) you will get "one of peace". Therefore, from the etymological root, this appears to be the full meaning of the word. A curious fact appears upon deeper research of the term muslim which has been addressed in the writings of Supreme Scientist Allah.

The pattern mu--i-, along with the triconsonatal root pattern, s-l-m, denote "one of Peace." Again, the Muslim Community's interpretation of this word deviates quite a bit. This is because they adopt the fourth verb meaning of the roots s-l-m which, in its fullest linguistic and etymologic translation, signifies one arriving at "peace" by handing over, giving over, yielding, succumbing or surrendering to. That is the fullest translation, where were we can recognize the popular rendition of "submission.
Out of Doors, unpublished manuscript

Supreme Scientist Allah points out that the word muslim can be translated, from its etymological foundation, to mean one who is at peace by "submitting" when dealing with a specific verb meaning. In addition to the etymological Understanding of the word muslim there is also record of it's usage in pre-Al-Islamic so that a pre-religious context and connotation can be drawn up.

“With this initial understanding, we shall take up as our first example the conceptual pair formed by the words muslim "Muslim" and kafir "infidel" which stand, as is obvious, in opposition to one another. If we trace these two Koranic key -terms back to the earlier pre-Islamic stage, we notice that originally they did not even form a pair. Both words were there certainly, but there was no essential connection between them. Moreover, neither of them had any religious connotation, muslim means "a man who hands over something precious to another who demands it of him" and kafir "a man who does not show gratitude to his benefactor". It is only at the second stage of development, that is within the Koranic system, that the two are put in opposition to one another...."
God and Man in the Koran, Toshihiko Izutsu, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, pg 52

So what you have within the context of the religion of Al-Islam is the development of the word muslim that is in line with the etymological root and pre-Al-Islamic usage.(Another theory supposes that the original term utilized by the movement was mumin (one who observes the doctrines of the faith. Spenta Mainya, BAKKAH / BAKKA/ BAQA / BAKA FOUND: THE NEW STORY OF ISLAM. The rejection of this term by the Nation of Gods and Earths is due to conflicting ideological concepts between the Nation of Gods and Earths and religious followers of Al-Islam. It is perfectly all right to be classified as a muslim if you perceive that you must "submit" or "be in debt" to an astral abstract Supreme Being. The worldview of the Nation of Gods and Earths define the Supreme Being as the Blackman whom has Knowledge of himself and has actualized his potential. Thus the Supreme Being being a muslim is a contradiction (it is also a contradiction in theological worldviews also i.e.. God doesn’t submit to himself).


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