Monday, July 10, 2006

Red Light...Green Light

Today's Supreme Mathematics is Knowledge add a Cipher all being Born
to Knowledge. This means that when you observe something out of order
in the environment that you need to change it. This is reflective of
a strong foundation, nature and character.

The first thing that you need to do though is STOP what you are doing
so that you can PAY ATTENTION. Many want to 'transform their life'
yet they are so caught up in everything that stress, procrastination,
bad attention, etc. sets in.

We don't advocate passive observation. Observation, no matter how
long or short, is done with the purpose of learning something. Most
learning involves interaction. We also just don't advocate learning
in a vacum. We advocate that learning is a tool by which we can
change the conditions of ourselves, our family, and all of the human
families of the planet Earth.

So, in my eyes, the man who can quote from 1001 books is nothing
compared to the man who sacrifices his free time to coach after

In my eyes, the man who knows 20+ languages, is nothing compared to
the man who is teaching people to speak 1 more language.

The man who knows he is God is nothing compared to God who helps
original boys discover that they too will develop to be God.


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Brother OMi said...

APPLIED knowledge is power