Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Color Blind

Being color blind is a disease and deficiency.

The Nation of Gods and Earths is not anti-white nor pro-black yet it
doesn't mean that with a 'magical eraser' we erase the tide of history
that includes colonialism, slavery, jim crow laws, racism, the maafa,
segregation, genocide, etc.

We advocate that there is a standard of civilization that will benefit
everybody yet we don't advocate that everyone is the 'same' in terms
of a rainbow coalition "can't we all just get along" sense.

The REAL effects of the tides of history are still being played out.
There are those who BENEFIT from that tide of history. It is
RIDICULOUS for anyone to advocate "not pointing it out" or "the past
is past."

What we don't do though is DWELL in the past. I manufacture the
future by teaching the youth about the past AND who they are NOW.
Thus they become the architects of the future.

Ironically original peoples are often the ones whom are most often
asked to 'let by gones be by gones'.

You never hear anyone asking the Jews to 'forget the Holocaust.'
You never hear anyone asking the U.S. to 'forget 9/11.' (nor the Alamo
or Pearl Harbor)
You never hear anyone asking Christians to 'forget the 'cruxifiction'.

I could go on and on.

Being color blind is a disease and deficiency.

One of the 'themes' in the U.S. is of the 'Great American Melting
Pot'. This is where all groups come to the U.S. and blend into one
big soup and become American. The trick though is that 'American'
becomes synonymous with the culture and values of Eurocentricism. I
like stew. That's where you can taste the commonality in the broth
yet you can still pick out the individual meats and vegetables.

It is easy to be 'color blind' when it is assumed that the one color
is 'your' color.



Divine IZ Earth said...

Peace 7! Peace Build. Keep teaching.

Divine IZ

Brother OMi said...

i wholeheartedly agree. in academia we see that problem all the time. this country is definitely NOT pluralistic when it comes to who is in control