Friday, June 16, 2006

Peace to the God

This was one of the 1st Show and Proves in a number of years that I did not attend. Due to my job scheduling I only had a limited number of days to take off this week. This past week also marked the return of Shakar Allah to the essence.

Shakar is the son of Jilam Allah. Due to an unfortunate accident he has returned to the essence. His physical degree was Knowledge Equality (16).

I recall meeting Jilam and Shakar for the first time circa 2001-2002. It was my first visit to Mecca-Mass (Springfield, MA). I was attending their Family Day celebration. I host of the Gods and the Earths from C-Truth made the journey and it was great to get aquainteed with our Universal Family. What I noticed about Jilam and Shakar was that they were like like Allah and Justice. When you saw one you saw the other. At that time I-Victory was only about 2 1/2. In my mind's eye I thought what a great illustration on how the relationship between the Father and Son should be.

There will be many who choose to focus the moment that Shakar returned to the essence. At this moment I choose not to. I would rather like to illuminate some of the moments of this young God that I got to know.

*Not many people (I don't care whom you are) can keep up with I-Victory. One time myself, Lord Sincere, his son Justice and my son I-Victory went up to Mecca Mass to pick up some Gods to travel to Black Medina (Boston, MA). While we were waiting at the rest of Jilam for some other Gods Shakar was keeping up with I-Victory and tiring him out. It wasn't like someone put off a 'baby sitting job' on him. It was just like he was playing with his little brother. Then I realized he WAS playing with his little universal brother.

*One weekend a host of us went to Mecca. We were across the street from Harriet Tubman where some of the Gods from C-Truth and Mecca-Mass were versing with some of the Gods from Power Born (Pittsburgh). At that moment I got crapped on by a pigeon on my shoulder. Needless to say I was the butt of jokes for a minute, especially from Shakar. Ironically, next weekend, when I was in Mecca-Mass the EXACT SAME THING happened again in the presence of Jilam and Shakar. Started to see a pattern there.

*During the 1st Regional Meeting for Region 2 Shakar had brought one of his friends there. At the time he was around 13/14. I walked by him several times and heard him eloquently explain to his friend why Jesus's teaching weren't Christianity. I saw Justice Divine (whom was a couple of years younger than Shakar) bring up the rear also. I remember being so impressed by them at how they could express their points clearly without alienating their audience. See, the youngest Gods that I knew of were Knowledge Build. I had never seen the sons of God develop and grow into God through this Culture. They gave me insight as to the path I-Victory was traveling on.

*He had his Father's sense of style. He and his father always rocked the same fresh caps.

It was my honor to Knowledge the young God. It IS my honor to keep his name eternal.

Peace to the God

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Divine Ruler Equality Allah said...

Peace. Word, God, I was wondering
what happened to y'all that
Sunday. I will
stay in tune. Peace to U and
the Universe.