Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mommy had a boyfriend. I am your Father.

Okay...if you didn't know let me be the first to inform you...there aren't that many books out there that give a nice neat plan on how to tell your son that you're not his biological father. Oh, I knew the day would come yet I didn't think that it would come so..soon.

Mommy had a boyfriend. I am your Father.

I-Victory just turned 7 not too long ago. He is making observations about age appropriate behavior and parental expectations. It is very interesting to watch it unfold. I am the only man whom has ever been present in his life. His biological didn't see him take his first steps, didn't hear his frist words, and never changed a stinky diaper. I have been an observer to I-Victory's mother making sure that his biological knew each place of residence, had a contact number, was aware of each birthday, etc. Before I solidified the mileage between myself and her I witnessed her reaching out to I-Victory's biological to no avail. It was a 'simple' transistion for me. I was the only man he had ever been in tune with; God the Father.

When he was real small (around 3) he formally asked me to be his Father (yeah I practically almost distilled (cried)). I didn't realize he still didn't have full comprehensio. He didn't Knowledge the life cycle. He didn't realize, at that time, that he came from a male seed. He just saw someone who fit the description of the position. When he turned 7 though he started asking question regarding his honorable name (why we don't have the same surname) or why we don't have the same first name. In explaining the life cycle I realize that he was Understanding that, physically, he wasn't of my seed.

The Understanding Cipher degree of the 1-40 states "Tell us what and how the devil is made." In Allah World Manifest those with Understanding can see it as "Tell us what and how God is Born." The what is the physical source. The how is the proper mental growth and development. The son of God develops into God as his Understanding of the Cipher grows. As his Father I am responsible for his physical and mental growth and development so that he can comprehend his relationship to every person, place or thing.

Mommy had a boyfriend. I am your Father.

I had to psyche myself up. I got some props (pictures of his biological), ran though all of the scenarios, and took a shot of Shou Wu Chi. I wanted to make sure that I didn't plant any hate towards his biological. I just wanted him to have the facts so that he could draw up an Understanding for himself. So I started off by reviewing the life cycle (seed into earth grows into child). We had already gone over it several times at this point (up to the degree that keeps begging for a sister by saying "God..just put the seed in mommy"). It was different this time because I was specifically defining his seed source. I showed him the picture of his biologcial. And, the first thing that the little joker said was "So, are you going to put your seed in another woman."...RFLMAO. Simple...logical. I concluded by saying that I chose him to be my son. Then, I realized that he was developing into one whom is most compassionate and most beneficient. He said that I was the greatest God and the best Father. And it was over.

I realized that in the Knowledge degree of the 1-10 two words are equated: MAN (as in Original man) and FATHER (as in Father of Civilization). And they both rest at the Knowledge degree. So to I-Victory both have to be something that you can observe with your naked eyes.

Father's should be the Gods' Day.

Everyday is God's Day I-Victory. We make the best out of each day.


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Justice said...

Peace God, I am somewhat at a loss of words, b.u.t I will say this my physical died when I was 6. I was not as fortunate as your son to have someone step into our lives and be the foundation the way you live and walk as the Almighty True and Living God. All Praises Due!!!