Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blood suckers of the poor

Those whom have taken any time look at the medical industry in the United States knows that it is an INDUSTRY. One of the main purposes of an industry is to GROW and MAKE MONEY. Upon casual observation you can see that medicine and operations are put way out in the stratosphere. On the flip side preventative measures such as diet, exercise and general health is not stressed. The industry needs people to be sickly in order to make money.

Yet even though the medical industry is being run by the blood suckers of the poor (capitalistic health care)it doesn't exist in a vacum. The United States are not the only top notch health providers in the world. This is where the facilities of the original man world wide come into play.

It is called medical tourism where you can get a procedure that is expensive performed abroad for a fraction of the price in a top notch hospital in places like India, Malaysia, etc. You can bring a friend and recover in said country. This is important because it may 'undercut' the United States medical INDUSTRY the same way the Japanese did when they started producing cheaper cars that were just as good. Take a look here.


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