Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Focus and Discipline

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A few weeks ago the original man David Blaine attempted a stunt on national television where he was trying to break the world record for holding one's breath underwater. Those whom are familiar with his career know that he is lika a modern day Harry Houdini (technically Harry Houdini was an escape artist while these stunts that David Blaine performs are endurance stunts). Though he was not successful with this particular stunt he did push the envelope, on public television, as to the PERCIEVED limits of human endurance.

Many who see his stunts think that what he does is beyond the capacity of the 'average' person. Ironically, he had this discussion with Evel Kneivel before his performance. Evel Knievel's opinion was that only a 'select few are born with the capacity'. David Blaine's opinion was that everyone could do it with proper focus and discipline. He stated that most people either forgot this, were convinced otherwise or just had never been taught.

Despite David Blaine's own message many glossed over that and tend to worship him vs. admire him. Yes, there is a subtle difference. One view point is HE can do it. The other view point is HE can do it therefore I can do it also.

If one takes a short tour of original cultures world wide one will see the whole spectrum of people pushing pass the 'assumed' limits of human endurance. You have the fakirs o India who have mastered breath and heart control to the degree that they can survive buried alive. You have the Sun Dance of the Sioux. You have walking on coals in Hawaii. You have the board and brick breaking of various forms of Kung Fu. You have the contortionist, sword swallowing and fire breathing of the circus (which came from the observation and apprenticeship with Indian fakirs). You have the child that falls into a frozen lake yet still survives. You have the mother who gets a burst of adrenaline to life a car off of her child.

When all of this information is weighed and examined you realize that we set a pretty LOW standard across the board (check on the recent ‘arguments’ on how it is ‘okay’ to be obese and in poor health) for ourselves. Thus the SUB standard becomes THE standard while the high STANDARD IS MADE TO BE “BEYOND OUR REACH.” This is where we become passive recipients of our environment instead of shapers of our environments. As David Blaine stated “focus and discipline.” As an aside note David Blaine was a just a boy from the hood when he made a choice to transform his life. Now he is on national television letting others know that they too have the same choice.


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