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When brought from the West Coast of the portion of Asia called Africa many blacks were forced into chattel slavery. One legacy of this slavery was a slave diet. As a result we were forced to eat the wrong foods. This continues nowadays as many people go with ‘it was good enough for my ‘ancestors’ so it should be good enough for me’. Many don’t realize that the slaves DIDN’T eat meat everyday (uh…they didn’t get it like that, a lot of it went to SEASONING greens and other vegetables), they definitely didn’t eat FRIED FOODS all of the time, they ate a whole host of vegetables, and they had a lot more physical activity (uh..from sunup to sundown) then most of the present day ‘advocates’ of the ‘slave diet’.

After slavery in the Wilderness of North America came Reconstruction which actually led into the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. During these times the former slaves came in contact with many wise men from the East (whom were present at that world fair at the 1st World Conference of Religions). This is the environment that later led the Prophet Master Fard Muhammad to approach the Lost-Found in the Wilderness and present to them information that taught them of their greatness. This information was preserved by the Messenger the honorable Elijah Muhammad and transferred to the youth in the Hells of North America by ALLAH. One of the major points that was transmitted was the science of the right foods vs. the wrong foods.

When you look at the dietary laws left by the Prophet you will notice that he mentions poison animals. The majority of these animals are scavengers. A scavenger is an animal who will basically eat anything: meat, vegetables, spoiled/rotten meat, feces, etc. The reason scavengers are detrimental diet wise is that the same biology that allows them to digest all of those toxic foods causes their body to retain toxins.

A lot of the animals that the Prophet mentioned as being restricted, as recorded by the Messenger, were some that people wouldn’t even think about eating today like possum and raccoon. ALLAH didn’t mention these because he was dealing with the youth from an inner city environment of the 60’s vs. the newly emigrated Black from the South to the North during the great migration.

One of the major groups of scavengers that people should be aware of are sea scavengers.

The safest form of fish to eat is those whom are vegetarians. Generally this includes fish that are less than 12 inches in length. That includes whiting, trout, and salmon. The larger fish such as tuna, kingfish blue fish and sharks (they aren’t really a fish) generally eat anything (ALLAH allowed those who were incarcerated to eat tuna as the availability of healthy food was limited to them).

There are a whole host of animals I the sea that don’t have fins, bones or scales. Those animals are the wrong foods also. Shrimp/Prawn have one vein and a poor elimination system. Dwelling at the bottom of the sea they eat anything that falls to the body and tend to have high levels of mercury and iodine. Crabs, lobsters, scallops, crawfish and oysters are bottom dwellers also. My son calls all of the above ‘sea roaches’.

Sharks (as mentioned above) and rays aren’t really fish. Cat”fish” aren’t really fish either.

Amongst religious peoples you will find correlations for eating the right foods (Kosher and Halal restrictions specifically). In terms of history also there are several Muslim Chinese restaurants in Medina that are frequented by the Gods since the time of ALLAH. It ain’t no mystery though that these religious laws exist...didn’t they get those laws from God anyway:)


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The Book said...

I recently bought one of the "How to eat to live" books. I'm a 290 pound Fat dude that needs to lose about a good 100 and I think that this book will show me some good pointers. I read some things from Final Call a few months back and no lie man, Everything I've read seems to be true. and its given me some real knowledge but yet im Like the people you menstioned also .. yeah, One who Knows that These foods are hamfull but I eat it because its there for me to eat.. and well... thats probably why im fat. I wish i would've known some things when i was growing up man.

Good stuff.