Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I got 50+ Solutions and not being God ain't one

This is a repost from early on in my blogging days. Take the best part.

Here are fifty things that one can to to assist the growth and development of the babies in one's Kingdom.

1-Make time for them

2-Listen to them

3-If you are bi-lingual teach them a second language

4-Teach them a trade such as carpentry, electrician, or plumbing

5-Teach them how to cook, sew, or about hygine

6-Teach them how to write

7-Teach them how to research

8-Teach them the difference between fact and opinion

9-Encourage them to stay aware of the news (at home and abroad)

10-walk them through 120 (just don't "give" it to them on a piece of paper)

11-volunteer to be a mentor/big brother/sister

12-teach them how to eat to live and the effect of things that go into their bodies

13-teach them how to walk safely through the "ghetto" to traverse that land

14-take them for trips out of the city

15-take them to a movie and talk about it afterwards

16-teach them to excel in whatever they do

17-speand enough time with them to recognize their weaknesses and come up with a plan together on how to overcome them

18-teach them about conservation whether it be on an ecological level (recycle) or on an economical level (savings)

19-show them, by example, how to interact with all of the human families of the planet Earth no matter what ethnic group, nationaliy or caste

20-teach them history and show the connection between the past and present

21-perform science experiments with them that relate to 120

22-teach them the difference between male and Man....female and Woman

23-buy them a book, have them read it and then discuss it with them

24-show them the science of urban survival (how to strech a minimum amount of money the maximum length. How to secure food, clothing and shelter)

25-show them how to observe and record police mis conduct in their Kingdom

26-teach them how to interact with the police

27-make sure that they don't become a slave to mis economics (credit cards, loans, etc...). make sure they pursue grants, scholarships, etc..

28-show them how to maintain their health as a man or woman

29-teach them chess

30-encourage them to develop a specific artform (wrigint, drawing, music, dance, etc..) Also teach them to be responsible on what the art forms ie... content. Also it's ability to cause social change.

31-Teach them a martial art

32-have them walk their neighborhood in a 5 block radius so that they can know their neighborhood

33-if you live in the "suburbs" then take them to the "ghetto". If you live in the "ghetto" then take them into the "suburbs"

34-get them a pen pal/e-mail pal abroad in a war torn country

35-challenge them to make positive things happen in their neighborhoods

36-show them how to produce something (soap, candels, paper, incense, etc...)

37-take them to the children's ward at the hospital and have them interact with the children there to teach them compassion

38-teach them the difference between wants and needs

39-teach them the difference between imagination and illusion

40-teach them to stand on Square for what is right and you won't have to worry about them falling for that which is wrong

41-teach them to take responsibility for success and failure

42-teach them to avoid the symptoms of becoming religious

43-teach the how to Knowledge for theirself so tthat they will Love Self and respect Self and won't look for it in others

44-TEach them how to find the best part in any person, place or thing

45-teach them how to find all of the free services in their Kingdom

46-teach them not to take things on face value

47-teach them the science of a strong family unit (man, woman, child) especially if they don't have their own

48-Teach them that the Blackman is God and that the Blackwoman is Earth through example and not through philosophies, theologies, lawyers, etc...

49-Listen to them

50-Make time for them

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