Saturday, March 11, 2006

From Root to Fruit

From Root to Fruit
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Any day that I get to spend solely with my son he calls the Gods’ day. “Gods’ day” for us is usually Saturday during the day as his mother is at work during the morning. His declaration on what the day is to him reminds me of how important it is for men to be role models (no I’m not afraid of the word) to the youth.

Today in the Supreme Alphabet we’re dealing with Kingdom. As the King in this Kingdom I have to illustrate to , the Prince, how best maintain his ‘square inches’. This is training for when he establishes his own Kingdom. Today we got deep into his room. We cleaned. I showed him the importance in terms of how one’s environment often reflects one’s mental state. I showed him how to apply Equality in terms of not just throwing clothes and books away; give to those in need. He came across items from his earlier physical degrees and reflected on how it was to be 4 and 5. I used those moments to show him that he also can plan on how he will be when he is 7 and 8. We spent time outside for his ‘B-Boy training’ and him learning how to skate. He watched and assisted me in changing a toilet seat. I explained to him how this translates in maintaining one’s home. You shouldn’t always have to call someone else in to fix problems:) Through all of the above we constantly go through F.O.A. (Fruit of Allah) training so that he knows that as the son of God much is asked of him.

Now I see a circle of teenage boys out here in front by the corner store. Excuse me…got some Building to do:)


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