Thursday, January 26, 2006

Respond Sensibly


One of the elements that we stress in the Nation is responsibility. I approached this topic in a previous post dealing with the duty of Allah and Asia. One needs how to know how to respond sensibly. Not only do the Gods and Earths have a responsibility. The babies also have a responsibility. That responsibility is to be the greatest and we must equip them with the tools for them to accomplish this.

While versing with the son he was confessing how he forgot his pencil for school. Every moment is a teaching moment. We spoke on how it was his responsibility to keep track of his items, what he needed to do to get a new one and what he needs to do in order to maintain one.

You may be thinking “God, that’s ‘curtsey’ and all yet what does that have to do with my life?” Well, take out the variable of I-Victory and the pencil and put in some other variables and you will see the light:

-A man who looses his job.
-A man who looses his woman.
-A woman who looses a job position.

The list could go on and on.

Respond Sensibly



Justice said...

Peace God,

I take every chance possible to instill the values and principles that I operate with to Freedom. If he asks where his toy is, I say its yours you need to keep track of it, where did you look? After a while he got the message. Keep that baby boy strong God. Peace

Brother OMi said...