Monday, January 23, 2006

Power vs. Prayer

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Notice that the title isn't the 'power of prayer'. In actuality, it shouldn't be 'vs.' Prayer is asking, imploring, "entreating", an invisible astral being to change one's life's circumstances (whether they be physical, mental, or emotional). Power is the ability to make matter move. ALLAH stated that he manifests his Power through the Truth. One is dealing with illusion. The other is dealing with reality.

The word prayer is rooted in basically 'begging' also which can be inferred from the fact that many of the postures of prayer are of deference i.e. on the knees, head bowed, etc. Some state that prayer is just another word for meditation or that they pray to their self. Prayer and meditation are not synonymous. Meditation is stilling the random chatter in the brain to optimize focus, cognitive functions and physical functions. In terms of 'praying to oneself' that just sounds like schizophrenia to me.

I am aware that my family and I don’t live in a 'culture bubble'. We do not wrap ourselves in 'saran wrap' and 'hope' that our values won't become 'infected.' What happens is that we take hold of our Culture as a means to interact with the world at large and put those values on front street as a means of transforming the world. Thus we orient people to our way of life, customs and traditions. The teachers at the school know that it is the norm for my son to refer to me as God; they know that when he talks about the Earth he may be talking about his mother, and they know about our dietary law basically straight from I-Victory (" I don't eat pork and shrimp because they eat garbage and doo doo"). Yet when faced with unalike ideas that we do not want to 'infect' our Culture we have to address them and deal with them.

We've had to 'kill santa' because though that mystery god stuff doesn't fly in our home our son goes to public school, and is amongst the 85% of his family and friends. Once the concept of WHERE presents come from is understood then it's all pork-free gravy. This year the challenge was realizing that certain family members over the vacation taught him to 'pray' (needless to say myself and the Queen were both heated). In no limit of time though we injected him with that mental prescription.

We broke down the beginning of the 'lord's prayer': Our Father who art in heaven. Heaven is the sky to young I-Victory so we explored how heaven is also the most elevated part of his physical body, his brain. I then asked him who his father was and he pointed to me. I then asked him what was up in the sky. His answer to that statement was," the sun, moon and stars." That is keeping it simple.

We then asked him what he was praying for. Did he pray to clean up his room? Did he pray to turn out his lights? Did he pray for food? After he answered no to all of the above we introduced him to how prayer is just a place marker for one's own POWER i.e. to make matter move. It is also a place marker for Wisdom and Building.

Many religious peoples of the book (Jewish, Christians, Muslims) have prohibitions against worshiping idols. In my household we have a prohibition against being IDLE. Don’t ask another person for that which you can do yourself. If there is something that he cannot do then I teach him that God is here IN THE FLESH to assist him. Also he can ask the Earth to bring forth also as his mother is who he came through to manifest himself in the flesh in this world.



Tahriem I. Rahe Allah said...


Sun, you should get guest appearance on the "Boondocks" as teacher.


Tahriem I. Rahe Allah

zahid19 said...

To ALifeAllah,

So tell me, good brother, do you mean to say that salat, a religious rite prescribed by Allah from time imemorial and reintroduced in its proper form to our reformer the Holy Prophet Muhammad is an inferior mode of making matter move?

We are taught in the Holy Quran that when Allah has desired to make matter move, all He says is "Be" and then that which He desires comes into fruition. And the "saying" of "Be" is actually His will or the strength of His desire making the thing to happen.

And that is truly a wonderful power, but it is Allah's power. And we say "la hawla wa la quwaata illah billah" or "There is no might and no power but by Allah". And for those desirous of having such power certain disciplines were prescribed of which salat is one, ie. you must ask first and then it may or may not be given to you by Allah's permission.

We are given the example of Isa(Jesus) in the Quran of forging a bird out of clay and breathing into it so that it becomes a living creature, and of Isa healing the leper and making the blind see. and after each of these feats we read "by Allah's permission".Why? because there is no might and no power but by Allah's permission.

You speak condescendingly of salat as bowing and prostrating before an "astral being". Clearly you lack fundamental understanding of that which is denoted by the name "Allah". You don't see the energy that powers your computer, but with complete faith you plug it into the socket to receive power when turning it on. You don't see the air you breathe, but with complete certainty you continue breathing. You don't see the gravity that keeps you grounded to the earth, but you're not jumping off rooftops because you know, without doubt, that gravity is real. You dont need eyes to taste the sweetness of an orange. Nor do you need eyes to perceive an idea. Therefore how could the devout muslim, praying, bowing and prostrating, be dealing with an "illusion"? In fact, you dont know what a person sees, because seeing can be more than an action of the eyes.

The real illusion is the materialism you're teaching your seed. Good brother, if "Heaven" is the brain, then what will happen if someone red dots your brain? Exactly, no more "Heaven" for you. And this is not the description of Heaven as taught in the Quran. a rigmarole of rhetoric wont lead to wisdom. Sharpen your discrimination good brother.

Brother OMi said...

there is a book by Jeremiah Camara called "Holy Lockdown" that talks about that...