Monday, January 02, 2006

Last minute observations of 2005

Here a few ‘year end’ observations that I made:

*A mighty PEACE to all of the Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, etc who didn’t give a funk about the ‘holidays’ and kept their stores open.

*A mighty PEACE to Mamoun’s Middle Eastern Resturant and Brick Oven Pizza (Greek Muslims whose advertisement has a pig in a red circle with a line through it) for being open on Christmas. My reflector and I had great meals on the 25th of December. Also, interesting fact, the most ordered out food on the 25th is Chinese food.

*Kwanza and 3 Kings Day get no shine from the establishment

*When your son comes home with a writing assignment that starts off “Dear Santa” do you a) Let him write a letter to Santa b) Send it back with a letter saying that Santa is a fraud, we don’t celebrate Christmas and stop feeding mystery god propaganda to my child or c) Speak with your son so that he fully Understands that he doesn’t celebrate Christmas and develop together a way to address it in writing. We choose C. It was great because he clearly was able to express WHERE presents come from on any occasion and that various ‘santas’ around were just people dressed up as Santa.

* Chris Rock Show Gives Away Secret… ain’t no mystery God..oops..Santa.

*Santa Lives
Great book that uses the same theological arguments that people use to ‘prove’ the existence of a mystery god to ‘prove’ that Santa ‘exists’.


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