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Winter Solstice (Pt III)

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Study your own Culture. Draw up your holidays.

C’BS: We don’t celebrate Christmas small fry
I-Victory: Do we celebrate Hanukkah?

You can do the Knowledge to how various Gods and Earths deal with the holidays through the post of two of my righteous brothers; Justice Rajee Allah in his post ‘Expressing Culture’ and Sha-King Cehum Allah through his post Thanks-Taking Day and Tis the Season...

The below is a modification of a post that I posted in another forum. It basically summarizes how I handle this season.

* ‘Raise a child in the way they should go’. From my experience only those whom used to celebrate Christmas make a big deal about ‘denying children what other children are getting during this time of year’. I grew up in a Pentecostal church where we didn’t celebrate those holidays. It really wasn’t no big deal because 1) We had our own holidays. 2) We were taught the origin of those holidays out there. You’d be surprised how intelligent that children are. No one tells Muslims that they are denying their children stuff nor does anyone tell Jews that they are denying their children stuff. I was telling Christians that the Tree had nothing to do with Christ’s birthday in 1st grade. Last year in I-Victory’s school there were SEVERAL kindergarteners (including him) who were dropping it on the others that Santa Claus wasn’t real and that their parents’ LIED to them. See, I value telling my son the TRUTH more then anything else and he values ME telling him the Truth.

*The Nation has a whole HOST of ‘days of observation’ that many don’t know about generally due how strong their tree is. For instance:
Day One
Asiatic New Year
The Show and Prove
The host of Family Days during the Summer
The Children’s Parliament in Medina during July
Universal Shamguaad Day in August
Earth Appreciation Day (usually one Universal Parliament during the year is chosen for this)
Raising the Rod
The Father’s Born Day

*For my own solar system, being that the Earth and seed are of Boriken lineage, we use ‘columbus day’ as a teach in about Boriken (‘puerto rico’) where we build on how the original man from Boriken was in contact with his self in ‘africa’, we eat Boriken food where the flora actually was brought from ‘africa’, etc.. Also, Perihelion, the day where the sun is closest to the Earth, is my own personal ‘Earth Appreciation’ Day.

*No, we may not celebrate holidays yet we don’t necessarily hate on them. Allah had Easter Sips and gave out gifts during December. What I learn from this is that I have to have Understanding in order to reach the people. Every moment is a teaching moment. If I have off and we are visiting I-Victory’s grandparents during the holidays I ain’t going to lock myself in a room yet I will drop a gem about Nimrod here and there. Also, they KNOW not to prepare anything with pork for me or the family now. Yet this is only because I stayed amongst the people and didn’t separate myself from them.

*Personally I see Kwanza as a black substitute for Christmas. It is too ‘pan-african’ for me. It is geared toward African-American Nationalist. Allah told us we were here to unite the seeds (Black, Brown, Yellow) not separate them. Being that the Earth and seed have Boriken lineage they would be ‘separated’ from said celebration. Black in our worldview goes beyond just ‘african-american’. (This is a topic that I will address in a future paper).

*During this time I don’t fall into the trap of ‘shopping just to shop’. My Old Dad calls it the merchants holiday. How many people get caught into credit debt from this time alone?


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Freedom Allah said...

PEACE GOD. It is a Cultural Nationalist holiday, not a Pan Africanist holiday. Nevertheless, great add on to the cipher!