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Winter Solstice (Pt II)

Santa Jesus
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Santa Christ: Using Santa as a shield to teach about the Mystery God


It is interesting to see Christians on the religious right hold on so hard to Christmas. They are ‘convinced’ that it is a ‘Christian’ holiday. In fact do the Knowledge to this new book out The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday is Worse Than You Thought by John Gibson. One reason that they hold on to it so hard is because the allegory of Santa as the Mystery God. It becomes easier to teach the Mystery God concept if you can transition from Santa Claus to Mystery God.

You can see this whole ‘mixture’ in the latest strip in the comic strip “Boondocks”.

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This topic has been touched on by my alike Supreme Scientist Allah. Here is a piece he wrote dealing with the subject.

God: The Other White Santa Claus
"He sees you when you are sleeping,
He knows when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good,
So be good for goodness sake."

You're familiar with the above lyrics, right? It is an excerpt from the popular Christmas song, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." Of course, you already knew that, didn't you? I know, I know, you don't actually 'believe' Santa Claus really exist. He's only a myth, right? I mean, who would actually believe some mysterious man is living in the North Pole ("heaven") with a plethora of worker elves ("angels") and knows our innermost thoughts and all of our actions? That's right: YOU do!! Well, you just don't know him by his common Christmas appellation, i.e. Santa. You might call him Jesus, or God, or Allah, or El, or Jah, or the Spirit.. it matters not. What matters is that you understand you must deal with some serious consequences by giving your.. ahem.. supreme being that same Santa capability: omniscience.

Because your so-called 'god' has the uncanny ability to peer into the future of man, woman and child, 'he' is capable of 'knowing' exactly what will transpire at any time, in any place, and with anyone (Exactly how 'he' is a "he" without a body or has "knowledge" without a brain is another blog on another day). By this, you insist that your 'god' knows the past, present and future with absolute certainty.

Firstly, the proposal of an all-knowing 'god' destroys the very possibility of anyone having free will. This is because, in order to have free will, or freedom, you must have the ability to make choices (or to decide not to make choices). If there is no alternative to your actions, there can be no free will. By believing that all future events are known in advance by your god, there is nothing you can do to 'suprise' god. You can not change, alter, take away or add on to life in any way that 'god' did not already know you would.

What does that mean? Let's see..

Firstly, I know of you thinking, “God does not cause my actions, he only knows what I will do in advance.”

To that I say consider the following:

I travel about 15 minutes ahead in time with my technologically advanced time machine (Yes, a little primitive in comparison to the 'powers' of your god but, hey, same idea). Now, arriving in the future, I see that you go to, type in the term 'freewill' and begin to research this subject . I continue to watch you for the next 25 minutes. Therefore, I am now aware of everything you will be doing, at least, for the next 25 minutes. Then, I return in my time machine to approximately the point before you began reading this paragraph. Based on the said ability of your 'god', I know your future in advance; before you even live it out.

Therefore, whatever you will do, 25 minutes from this time, I already 'know.' If, in the next 25 minutes, you decide to turn on your television and watch "Everyone Hates Chris" instead, then we can agree that I don’t 'really' have the power of precognition. So, if I am to keep my reputation as Dione Warwick's understudy, then all of my predictions must occur as I predict, right? I observed you in the 'future' surfing the Google search engine, so THAT IS ALL THAT YOU CAN DO. You may THINK you will have 'options' in 25 minutes or that you are acting on your own volition at THIS VERY MOMENT but you are only 'acting out' what was 'written' for you.

You may even say that you can 'decide' to stop reading this essay right now and go for a walk outside, get some exercise, or rest, but you can’t. Take a minute, go ahead and try..

A HA!!!! I knew you would do that, too :P

How foolish you have been to 'think' it was YOU who 'decided' to attend school, raise a family, be a civilized person, and eat the right foods. The fact is, you had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was all beyond your control. If your 'god' did not agree that everything you did was what 'he' wanted you to do, then you would not have done it. You did say that your 'god' is all-powerful, too. Remember? Well, 'he' is the one who pre-determined what thoughts would reside in your head, what words would come out of your mouth and every act and action that you make. 'He' is the final authority and must put the supreme stamp of approval on how events unfold through the course of time. You are merely a pawn in his palm. Whether you like it or not.

Hurricane Katrina

"If a trumpet is blown in a city will not the people tremble? If a calamity occurs in a city has not the LORD done it?" (Amos 3:6)

People like you who believe in 'god' often say that 'god' creates all of the conditions and circumstances which surround us in life. Anything from causing natural disasters, to losing our keys, to losing our job, to causing someone we care about to lose their life. You've heard that, haven't you? In fact, I was once told that 'god' can even alter the very thoughts we are thinking if it's not something 'god' desires. I thought to myself, “what thoughts does he decide to ‘erase’ and which ones does he keep?” The very fact that there are headaches and hard times in life must indicate that 'god' wanted some negative thoughts to manifest, right? Then, I thought about if 'god' wanted me to think what I was thinking or not and, finally, I thought it was all nonsense. lol. And, obviously, that is what he wanted me to think! Otherwise, he would have changed my mind!

Alright, back to Free Will:

After you have finished reading this paragraph, will you continue on to the next paragraph and, eventually, finish reading the blog (I know it's long, but it's worth it)? Or will you stop reading and do something else? Think about that right now for a moment.

*Insert your own Jeopardy Music here*

Whatever the case may be, whose decision will it be? Do you really believe your 'god' will infiltrate your thoughts, program your brain to continue reading or to stop reading and direct your energy towards something else? Not really, right? In fact, whose decision was it to begin reading this essay in the first place? Yeah, someone may have brought it to your attention by recommending that you read it, but wasn’t the final decision all your own? In the most extreme scenario, maybe someone threatened you with physical violence if you failed to read the writing on this page. Even if that was the case, you still held the option not to comply and accept the consequences. Who was responsible? You should decide this right now. It is the first step in the process of becoming a free and independent thinker.

After you make a decision concerning reading this blog, take the initiative to decide other matters in life for your own self. Begin with some very simple actions like brushing your teeth, choosing your style of dress, tying your shoes, talking on the telephone, reading a book, riding your bike, eating lunch, scratching your back, et certa. After you realize that you are in control over seemingly minute things like the afore-mentioned acts, try something more complex. For instance, decide where you would like to live, what kind of career you will pursue, when to raise a family, and, ultimately, what beliefs, if any, you should adopt? I challenge you right now to show and prove you are not your 'gods' puppet by doing something, anything, that 'he' did not know you would do.

Instead, if your 'god' has absolute knowledge of your future, then there is no “free” will at all. To will means possessing the ability to make decisions and choose your own course of action. Free means "without restrictions or limitations." Therefore, Freedom, or Free Will, means unhindered control of one’s choices and movement.

Consider this:

- If you believe 'god' is in control of your destiny, then why is your life filled with hurt, pain, setbacks and failures ?

- If your life continues to be hell, even after having decided to believe in 'god', then what purpose does it serve to follow 'god's' religious rules at all?

The reality is, even though you say 'god' is in the driver's seat of your life, you continue to make bad decisions and suffer misfortunes, don't you? Be honest with me here. It's the same way when you try hard and 'think' 'he' really is, right?

Speak up, I can't hear you..

What's that you say? 'God' is even responsible for those negative events, as well. Alright, allow me to demonstrate the problem with that:

The problem with the above 'belief' is that no one is responsible for their own actions. If your 'god' knows that someone will beat and kill a someone, let's say a child, and 'he' does not prevent it, then it is really your 'god' who is to blame. If a person hits your car and totals it, then your 'god' is to blame. If your parents become ill and die from disease, then your 'god' is to blame. If I save your daughter from being injured in a car 'accident', don’t thank me, your 'god' is to praise. If tornados, earthquakes, floods, hail, snow, heat and hurricanes kill millions of people every year, then don’t send your mental, monetary and material support. Instead, simply send your prayers of disdain to your 'god' who organizes every misfortune. I really ask that you will begin to understand that holding this 'belief' is dangerous and illogical as we examine it even more closely below.

Walk with me..

I understand your need to believe that all events have some sort of 'divine significance' crafted by some 'god' who loves you. It gives you a sense of security, right?. By believing there is a so-called 'higher power' and 'ultimate purpose' to the events happening in your life, you feel less frustrated and confused when negative situations arrise. Your beliefs give your life the appearance of order. Well, it isn't my intention to eliminate those things from you. Instead, I will clearly show and prove to you that 'you' were in control of yourself all along. I will demonstrate that your 'sense' of order was really only a semblance of order. And It is with this understanding that you will grow, appreciate and embrace your capacity for self-control.

Blue pill or Red pill. Heaven or Hell?

If you believe in predestination, you are no longer the author of your future. Let's explore some other consequences of holding this belief. To begin with, it destroys the need for salvation.

If your future is determined for you before you have the opportunity to make your own decisions, then your life is in the hands of your 'god.' That means, you did not choose to become a Christian any more than someone else 'chose' to become a Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Buddhist, Ras Tafarian, Hindu, or atheist for that matter. It has already been predestined for you. In Christian theology, you are told that you are held responsible for the 'wicked' if you do not take steps to introduce them to righteous thinking and action. Yet, how can this be? Sure, you can teach, preach, proselytize, beg and, even, coerce a person to become civilized and righteous, but that is only the 'appearance.' Whether that person will change their ways has already been 'written' in stone by your 'god' long before your personal involvement.

“They stumble because they disobey the message-which is also what they were destined for." (I Peter 2:8)

"What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for; but the election hath obtained it, and the rest were blinded. According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear, unto this day." (Romans 11:7,8)

And, if it was determined by 'god' who would go to be 'saved' and who would be 'destroyed', why are you held responsible? Again, what purpose does it serve to keep and obey religious rules and regulations at all, if your life is one big motion picture we all are merely acting out? If all your ways and actions are already predetermined for you, then why are you required to follow religious rules of your 'god?'

Surely, you can not be more righteous or 'holy' than what was written for you to be, can you? If you are not even responsible for your own life, why is it then that you are being held accountable for the lives of others? It is not even your decision to save, or destroy, yourself. It is the so-called will of your god.

“For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the first born among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called, whom He called, These He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified” (Romans 8:29-30)

What does this mean?

It means that you can not 'really' stop crime from escalating in your community. You can not 'really' prevent your children from being abused or illiterate. You can not 'really' protect your women from being harassed and degraded by the savage and uncivilized. The only thing you can do is watch your lives unfold before your eyes, neither making contributions nor changing its course. That does not resemble the definition of “life” to me.

If you can only do what your 'god' has predetermined you will do, then you are no more than a stringed marionette at 'his' disposal. So, why should you even 'try' to improve the social, economical, physical, mental or moral conditions on the Planet Earth? In fact, why should you do anything at all? Why not just retire and let the ropes of your 'god' maneuver your body and brain where they are supposed to be? Why bother getting an education? Why work to feed, clothe and shelter yourself and your family? Why should you labor to develop new technology and new medicine to save the lives of the sick and suffering when your 'god' decided who would die and would live a quobaquabillion years in advance? Even if, somehow, you could escape the 'future' made by your 'god' to utilize science and mathematics to prolong a person’s expiration date, that would be interfering with 'god’s will', wouldn't it? In which case, you will be punished for that, too. Anyhow, even your 'escape' would have to be artificial if your 'god' is to have any real 'power.' Remember, there are no 'surprises', your 'god' knows it all.

Thus, the people who die are supposed to die and the people who live are suppose to live. It is all in the plan of 'god', right? Well, I have to press further by asking you:

If you truly believe that the 'will of god' will be done regardless of whom or what, then why do you wear a seltbeat while driving? Why not allow your children to hang their hands and heads outside of car windows, also? Why did you renew your automobile insurance this month? Why do you obey traffic signs? Why do you lock your doors at home? Why wash your hands before you eat? Why not leave your young children unattended? Ad infinitum.. It's because you don't really believe that everything is god's will, right? Be honest with me here.

Oh, the 'devil' has a 'will', too, you say? Well, doesn't it make sense that if:

1. Your 'god' created everything
2. Your 'god' knew everything he would create
3. Your 'god' was in control of what he would and would not create


4. Your 'god's' will was for the devil to exist and have a will of 'his own?'

"But our God is in heaven, He does whatever He pleases" (Ps. 115.3).

The question is, if your 'god' loves you, like you say, then why would he do that? I mean, you say that 'god is love' and merciful and, above all, good, don't you? Your 'god' is concerned with rewarding the righteous and punishing the unrighteous, isn't he? He is said to be the epitome of morality and moral behavior. A glaring example for us all to want to worship and follow. You know, Christians often say that 'god' keeps a watchful eye over every event in their lives and, as long as they submit to 'him', their 'god's' hand will guide them from tragedy and direct them towards love peace and happiness. But this is very difficult to conceive or believe as being the reality, when one observes the vast amounts of hardtimes and suffering among people in the world (even among the so-called 'elect few' who ahdere to 'god's' religious rules and lifestyle). So, if your 'god' is 'merciful', then why does he allow innocent men women and children to be beaten and killed? If 'he' is 'beneficent', then why does 'he' tolerate evil on the planet? If your 'god' truly has the 'power' to correct all wrongs, end all devilishment and establish a 'heaven' on Earth, who or what is preventing your 'god' from doing this?’

"I don't know.. hmmm.. could it be.. SATAN" - Churchlady from Saturday Night Live

"Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything to difficult for Me?" (Jer. 32.27).

I have to admit, people like you who believe in 'god' have offered some very bizarre 'explanations' for their 'god's' lack of action. They insist that the 'devil' and negativity are very necessary to us all. It is supposedly needed for our 'salvation.' Therefore, there had to be some negativity or so-called 'evil' on the Earth in order for us to recognize that which is positive. However, if the your 'god' is all-powerful, why does it have to be? Also, what is “some?" How much negativity or so-called 'evil' must be present at any given time? Why even that much? How do you know? Unfortunately, you don't, do you? What it requires is more faith that you will 'find out' the 'whole truth' when you die. That's some deal you have there.

The problem with the concept of predestination is that it wrongly attempts to justify negativity in life by arguing that it is actually just the 'will of god.' This is a shield. It, once again, brings us back to the devastating implications of holding this belief. Agreeing that every event, no matter what degree of tragedy, is some mysterious script to your 'god's' book of life, you are saying nothing more than man woman and child deserve poverty, illness, injury and death. So, essentially, you are cosigning the idea that young children who, unfortunately, are molested, malnourished, uneducated, unprotected and slain are not really 'unfortunate' at all, since it was nothing more than the fortune of your 'god' who designed and engineered their entire future in advance.

Think about that.

At best, your belief only establishes that terrible things often happen and you don’t know why. But notice, if it is indeed true that the negativity or so-called 'evil' is only a manifestation of a 'divine', mysterious manuscript and all misfortunes are only unfolding pages of a much grander theme, then why should we even be concerned about negativity or so-called 'evil' at all? Why lose time complaining, commenting or conversing over injustice or inequality? Why lift a finger to correct the so-called ills and woes of the Black Community? If people are 'supposed to' become ill, be illiterate, kill one another, then why even bother building institutions like hospitals, schools, universities, and law enforcement agencies? According to your theology, you should rejoice and be elated that your beloved friends and family members are physically killed. You should applaud the hard times and suffering of others. You should even laugh and grin in the face of the most flagrant display of negativity in life, because you 'know' very certainly that the so-called 'god' is only doing his will.

"Who is there who speaks and it comes to pass, unless the Lord has commanded it? Is it not from the Most High that both good and ill go forth? (Lam. 3.38).

"I am the Lord, and there is no other, 7The One forming light and creating darkness, Causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the Lord who does all these." (Isaiah 45:6-7)

New Song:

"Don't worry.. Shut up and be happy!!" - Bobby McGodfearin'

If this is the case, then there is no true negativity or so-called 'evil' only the appearance of negativity or so-called 'evil.' What we recognize as lying, stealing, hurting and killing is only a farce; a front. It is only when we are looking at so-called 'evil' on its face value that it is wrong. Essentially, anything bad that occurs in life is actually only a small part of a 'greater good' that your 'god' has designed. Of course, you don't 'know' exactly what this greater good is, but you think it HAS TO exist. It's really just your problem that you can't know all things like your 'god.' It's your fault you're not happily embracing all of the fantastic bullcrap in your life like the little court jester you are. It's your problem that you get emotional, upset and confused when life isn't going the way you would like it to. Who are YOU to complain? You aren't GOD after all, so you really just have to accept things for what they are or, at least, appear to be. Right?

Alright. That means you are pretty much helpless in life. Don't fight me, just hand over the keys and title. Seriously though, what does this show you about your 'god's' character? Is 'he' really good or moral like you say 'he' is? Is it ok to you that 'he' condones having innocent men women and child lied to, hurt, and killed if it serves a 'greater' purpose? Don't get all silent now. Yes, this is what you're saying, isn't it? Evil is good because evil really isn't evil at all. Well, if this is the case, then you have no right to judge any act of negativity, or so-called 'evil', because you do not have the full understanding of its purpose.

Consider the following:

Suppose that I am the security guard at a bank that is being robbed. I witness the bank robber kill eleven people in the process. But before these men, women and children were murdered, they looked into my eyes and begged me to help them so they might live another day. "Ha! Silly unarmed customers!", I mumbled under my breath and grinned. Instead, I simply refused their request and watched them die violently. Hours later, the police detective asks me, “You were heavily armed, why didn’t you prevent these people from dying like this? You had the power to prevent this, didn’t you?” My reply was, “Sure I did, but I was working out someone's salvation. You see, the bank robber’s kids were waiting in the get-away car. They were hungry and had no money. So, while it 'appeared' to be a heinous act to you, I know it had a significant purpose behind it. Stop being so emotional.”

Isn’t your 'god' the great security guard in the sky (i.e. 'heaven')? Then why doesn’t he swoosh down and prevent us from being victimized by the 'devil's will' and assulted by negativity? You don't really know, do you? I understand that you really want to 'think' you know when you say that it is all part of some great plot, but you're not 100% certain, are you? In fact, it's not just that you don't know. You said that you 'can't' know because only your 'god' knows all things. Remember? That is why you say we just have to 'have faith.' But listen to what you are really saying: You don't know but you're going to think and act like you really do.

It is your faith that keeps you from asking questions and receiving answers.

Have you ever considered why your 'god' has to sit around in 'heaven' and 'wait' to do what he knows is the right thing. The fact is, if your 'god' is all-powerful, then 'he' does not "have to" wait, 'he' only chooses to wait. If this is true, then what reason do you have to say for sure that your 'god' has any care or concern for your well-being at all? If 'he' allows billions of people be destroyed before 'he' acts, then 'he' is not merciful or benevolent or good. He's George Bush!! Moses was right all along.. You know, talking to the burning 'bush?' Nevermind! Read the bible.. On second thought, read a SCIENCE book! PBS, NPR, something..

Ok, put the cross down.. I'm not insulting you! I see this has been a little too much for you. Let's take a break. I'll wrap everything up later on.

Stay tuned for Pt.III (Study your own Culture. Draw up your holidays.)

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