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Winter Solstice (Pt I)

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Seeing that the holiday/holy-day/hell-of-a-day season is upon us I thought I’d approach the whole subject from a historical, national and personal perspective. This is the first part of a 3 part post.

Wicked like Nimrod

Christmas is a holiday that is rooted in various pagan traditions that has been ‘colored’ up to be ‘christian.’ I grew up in a Pentecostal church that put those pagan traditions on front street so we didn’t celebrate that day. There are several Christian churches that don’t celebrate Christmas and most of them take it to the next step; they expose it as a bunch of pagan traditions.

First off it was only later (hundreds of years later in fact) that Jesus’ birthday became fixed at December 25th. One of the earliest dates to celebrate his birthday was January 7th which is still celebrated as his birthday by the Eastern Orthodox Church. Quietness is kept, it is still celebrated on the hush in the Catholic church as the Feast of the Epiphany.

If you want to check more into the pagan roots of Christmas then you can check here and here.

One tradition that basically exposes the pagan roots of Christmas is the Nimrod tradition. Many in the Black Community may be familiar with this through the writings of the Messenger, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who learned of said tradition from the Prophet Master Fard Muhammad. You can check a modern day reflection on this tradition from the muslims of the Nation of Islam here.

What may surprise many is that this information is also known and referred to by white Christians. I found one summary here.

It is not surprising though when one realizes that the Prophet, Master Fard Muhammad was said to have gotten the information that he brought to the ‘wilderness of North America’ by TRADITIONAL MEANS i.e. he studied, read books in the library, and interacted with scholars. This is the SAME WAY that we acquire information nowadays. We don’t get it through some ‘mysterious’ means.

And if you KEEP digging you may come across Two Babylons: Or the Papal Worship Proved to the Be the Worship of Nimrod by Alexander Hislop first published in 1853. This book explains a lot of connecting the worship of the Christ child/Christmas traditions with the worship of Nimrod.

All in all Nimrod becomes a place-marker to show that Christmas is rooted in pagan traditions.


*stay tuned for Part II: Santa Christ

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olu said...

I am a christian (and Yes...I read your blog) and appreciate this fact and wish others could see this as well. I have a tidbit for you santa claus came from an old legend about the germainic god "Odin" you can read it at :

so to you I say Peace