Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Homo (Yes Homo)


Yes the terminology ‘No Homo’ is kind of ‘dated’ in terms of ‘Hip Hop years’. Yet it clearly expresses my topic in this post. No Homo, in short, is an add on that some use to push home the fact that they aren’t homosexual. It is added after one makes a statement that may be construed as being homosexual. For instance, I was wearing my pink canary yellow diamond studs (No Homo). For more on the general vernacular do the Knowledge here.

The point that I will be driving home in this point is that just by virtue of saying “No Homo” you are acknowledging that you are biting a gay male aesthetic so in actuality around my way you would BE HOMO.

I suppose right here that I should add a disclaimer so as to drive home the fact that I am not ‘gay bashing’ though I do have specific views on homosexuality. These two post by my alike Sha-King Cehum Allah kinds of sums it up.

Post I

Post II

What this post is about is the destruction of gender roles. Specifically about the destruction of gender roles in the original urban communities of North America. I advocate that male and female have a different biochemical composition which is the foundation for them both to have a different nature. In terms of the roles they play they should seek to maximize their nature to the degree that they are bringing out the best part. Again, do the Knowledge to this post on Social Equality by Sha-King Cehum Allah. The balance of the gender roles is what gives form and structure to the family.

There has been a systematic process to destroy the gender roles of the original people in the wilderness of North America. It plays itself out different in different Original communities in North America yet with the legacy of slavery it is very clear. In Chattel slavery they controlled the males as ‘studs’, post-slavery they lynched and castrated the original man, pre and during ‘civil rights’ they damn near beat him to death. Add to all of this a religion where the ‘leader’ is depicted as being dead on a cross then you won’t wonder why so many original MALES don’t fully come into MANHOOD. Of course, there were exceptions along the way yet it doesn’t remove the fact that there was a specific agenda to deny the Black MALE his MANHOOD.

Nowadays ALONG with the physical fear being planted there is a psychological ploy. This ploy is to have the Black MALE deny his own Manhood. It is primarily done in two ways. One is by keeping the Black Male, no matter how old, with the immaturity and mentality of a child. This was addressed in the post ‘Osh Kosh OGs.. The second way is the feminize the Black Male. This was addressed Pretty Rick by my alike I-Majestic Allah. It is from the second post that I will be adding on to.

Usually when addressing attire within the Nation one is speaking on the attire of the Earths (which I have a piece that I wrote called “Regal Garments” that I am revising now). Yet it is important to realize how clothes reflect the man also. Through Hip Hop a gay male aesthetic has entered into the black male populace. This is ironic as there is also a ‘homophobic’ (I have ‘issues’ with that term that I will address in the future) thread that runs through Hip Hop also. The whole Metrosexual theme is out of control nowadays. I mean, for real, niggas (mentally dead) wearing bigger ear rings then their girls, wearing pink and lavender (come don’t think that is hard do you?), wearing more jewelry then women, wearing full length fur coats, getting their eyebrows plucked, spending more time in front of the mirror then your woman, greasing up their bodies and top naked in videos with men all around (uh…ancient Greek narcissistic homosexuality archetype), running off labels in songs as though they be shopping in Beverly Hill 90120, etc. WTF???!!!!

Now at first one may not be ‘moved’ yet when one starts to say that they are working to be more flamboyant or have more jewels then Liberace an avowed homosexual one has to wonder how MUCH one is emulating THAT person. They keep wanting to prove how hard they are yet they do so by emulating GAY MALES???!!!! Am I saying that the adoption of such ‘traits’ causes one not to accept the role of being a MAN? No. I am saying that these ‘traits’ are symptomatic of our young males not maturing into Manhood.

One of the ways that this ‘Hip Hop Metrosexuality’ (No Homo YES Homo) entered into Hip Hop is by the appropriation of the ‘Pimp’ aesthetic. And this adds the second dimension to the whole scenario, stepping outside of the gender role. One doesn’t have to ‘support the weight of the planet Earth anymore’. She is now supporting you. So when a woman says she is ‘independent’ the Hip Hop Metrosexual is happy because now he doesn’t have to shoulder any RESPONSIBILITY. Adopting such a style aesthetic is a short route to also adopting a corresponding esthetic. In the long run a homosexual male doesn’t have a responsibility to any woman. This is NOT the gender role of a MAN. Thus, many of our males caught in the whole Hip Hop Metrosexuality (No Homo YES Homo) carry that same ideal. They never grow up to be MEN.


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