Monday, December 19, 2005

In the News

In addition to the BBC, yahoo news, and other online news services I utilize for a lot of new regarding original people at home and abroad. These are some news stories that caught my eye the past week or so.

Because he knows he is a snake
Repulicans saying that the Constitution is ‘just a piece of paper’. Damn. If they can’t keep their word amongst their OWN what do you think they are going to do over here.

Tell it’s Mother a Lie
The mental ramifications of having an abortion.

We wrote history, make history AND translate history.
New evidence that Arabs translated Egyptian Hieroglyphics first before the discovery of the Rosetta stone.

Yacub’s Law on Birth Control
How the modern practice of birth control in the United States stems from eugenic practices in the U.S. that predated Hitler’s programs (in fact he got his inspiration from the U.S.)

Eat the Right Foods
How Rickets is reappearing amongst original children. This article points out how environment and diet may contribute.

The White Germ
Current research that points to an origin point for white traits. Of course this is just repeating the research that was done by the great Cheikh Anta Diop and other Black historians/scientists.

Fight and Kill one another
The Bloods (who historically have fought the Crips) offered a peace offering to Tookie in order to halt his execution. Ironically this didn’t make big news. When we realize that we are not different that is something that WE have to capitalize on because that is a fear to the ‘staus quo’.


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